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Blog Boeser, Vol 3

by Brock Boeser @BBoeser16 / Canucks prospect

Another day, another blog - I'm getting used to this!

Last time I wrote was Sunday from Penticton, way back when David Johnson was still the best running back on my fantasy football team. Now he's having wrist surgery and is out for the bulk of the season, and I'm in Vancouver taking part in Canucks Training Camp. Oh how the times have changed.

David Johnson aside (I promise not to mention him and the crushing disappointment I'm feeling again), Wednesday was our first day on the ice. I skated in Group B with Bo Horvat and Scottie Upshall, both great players who make everyone on the ice better. Smart players. That was seriously one of the hardest practices I've ever been a part of. It was up-tempo, competitive and that's what coach wanted - pace, hardwork and for us to compete. He came into the room and told us how he wants practices and what the details were for the day. Everyone was ready and delivered.

We're on ice now for the next few days before some guys head to LA to face the Kings Saturday. Then half the team faces Vegas in Vancouver Sunday, and others head to China for two games against the Kings. What am I doing and where am I going? Good question! I'm not giving it a second thought. My only focus is working as hard as I can in camp to earn a spot on this team. I hope today's practice was a step in that direction.

Speaking of direction, funny story about our travels from Penticton to Vancouver Monday night: we're all loaded on the bus, cruising on our way to hit the highway back to Vancouver, when all of the sudden - chug, chug, BANG - the bus breaks down. There's literally a piece of the bus on the highway. Oh man.

We sat on the bus for a bit until it got too hot for us, then we all stood on the side of the highway trying to figure out the next move. Luckily the Canucks team staff is incredible and they were able to get us on a flight to Vancouver a few hours later. How there was a plane that empty and able to accommodate us, I'll never know.

That's about all I can muster for a blog today, I'm a tad tired from practice. I'm rooming with Jonah Gadjovich and sorry buddy, but I may be snoring tonight. Deep sleep coming!

Hope to see you at Rogers Arena Thursday for practice - it's free for the public! Don't forget your Boeser jerseys! ;)


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