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Summer Catch Up: J.T. Miller

by Matt Calamia @MattCalamia / caught up with Rangers forward J.T. Miller to talk about summer travel, his golf game and his preparation for the upcoming season.

NYR: How have you been spending the summer? Any travel?
JT: "I had a vacation on my mom's side and a vacation on my wife's side. We went to the Hamptons. Other than that, just made a couple little trips here and there. A couple of weddings. I played a lot of golf. Just hanging out."

NYR: What's the training schedule been like?
JT: "I started working out and training the beginning of June. I started skating again [in the middle of July]. It's good. When I'm not skating, I go to the track and do my track training from 9 to 10 and then go to the gym after that for about an hour and a half every day. It started as Tuesdays and Thursdays we skate in the afternoon. Then we'll move to skating almost every day."

NYR: Is hard to get back into the rhythm of skating after taking a break at the start?
JT: "It's not hard because I'm not going very hard. It's breaking the wheels in a little bit. You don't want to go out there and go all out right away. That's how you get hurt. It's just breaking it back in. I'll eventually as the summer goes on push myself more and more and try and get myself into the best shape that I can."

NYR: Have you caught any movies this summer?
JT: "I went and saw Girls Trip the other day. That was actually pretty good. My wife and I watched some movies at the start of the summer, but I don't remember which ones we saw."

NYR: Any concerts?
JT: "We went to Sam Hunt. That was actually really good. He was pretty impressive on stage. I'm going to see Chris Stapleton in a few weeks."

NYR: Catch any baseball games or any other events?
JT: "I've been to probably four Pirates games."

NYR: You mentioned golf earlier. Have you had the opportunity to play any big courses?
JT: "I actually played Oakmont a couple weeks ago. I played all the courses in the Hamptons except for Shinnecock. I played Winged Foot before I left. I've actually played a lot of good courses."

NYR: What's your best round?
JT: "I shot a 69 at the course that I belong to in a match about a month ago."

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