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Summer Catch Up: Brendan Smith

by Matt Calamia @MattCalamia /

It's been a busy summer for Rangers defenseman Brendan Smith, who re-signed with the Rangers in June after finishing the season with the Blueshirts. He followed it up with an even bigger agreement: getting married. caught up with the blueliner to talk about the wedding, his TV habbits and his excitement entering into his first full season as a Ranger.

NYR: First off congratulations on the wedding. How'd everything go?
BS: "That was probably the highlight of the summer. It was a lot to get everything ready for the wedding. It was a beautiful day. It was sunny, we did it under a tent, which helped everything. I had all my buddies there, including Chris Kreider and Ryan McDonagh. It really worked out well." 

NYR: Did you get a chance to get away after? 
BS: "We didn't. We had eight weddings this summer. It made our wedding very difficult. We were planning ours and we were going to a different wedding every weekend."

NYR: Aside from getting married, how's the summer been and how have you been keeping busy?
BS: "I've been here in Madison, Wisconsin working out and skating. On the weekends we're in Toronto for weddings, and some happened in Wisconsin. We've had our some that we've had to go pretty far. I'd work out Monday through Thursday before going to the weddings Friday. It's been a whirlwind." 

NYR: And of course you re-signed with the Rangers early to get the summer off to a solid start.
BS: "It's been fun. It's been hectic. We had to figure out what our best option was. It seemed like our stars aligned with the Rangers. We were happy with how everything went. Really happy to be back with them."

NYR: Have you found a place in New York?
BS: "We're in the process of looking for a new home. We just pulled the trigger on one."

NYR: Any concerts or good movies?
BS: "Samantha and I like to binge watch Game of Thrones. We haven't seen any of the new season. We don't let anyone tell us about it. We watch a lot of shows like Ozark and we like Ballers. We like our new shows."

NYR: We're about three weeks away from camp. Can you tell me when you got back on the ice and what your training is like at this point?
BS: "I didn't start skating until probably the second week of July. I took off about three weeks. I had a couple bachelor parties and then I was back working out. We go Monday to Friday. Monday is probably heavy bike workouts with a skate after. Tuesday is upper body kind of core day, and Wednesday recovery with sprints and stuff. Thursday is another decent full body day and Friday is a strong man day. Sometimes you do tire flips, sled push and pulls, things like that"

NYR: Lastly, once we get this close to camp, what's your excitement level at? 
BS: "I'm really excited. I think once you start skating a little bit more you start gearing up for the season, you start getting that excitement going. It's always healthy to get away from the game before getting that Christmas morning excitement going. For me it's even more. I'm going back to the Rangers and I'm still pretty new. It's definitely going to be an adjustment but I loved it at the end of the year."

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