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Being a Ranger with Adam Graves

by Junior Rangers @JuniorRangers /

What are the 3 life lessons you have learned from being a teammate?

  • Communication is the key in everything we do on a daily basis (in hockey, the game can be made easier through communication both on the ice and in the locker room)
  • It is necessary to be inclusive in everything we do with our family, friends, community and teammates  
  • Leadership is an essential part of any path we choose in life, setting an example for others to follow, looking out for others and putting others needs before our own. All of these traits I have seen firsthand playing the great game of hockey.

What was your proudest 'teammate' moment? Was there a moment when you saw something or experienced a moment and thought to yourself "I am so proud to be his teammate"?

April 15th, 1999 - Wayne Gretzky plays his last NHL game in Canada for the NYR in a 2-2 tie vs the Ottawa Senators. The sellout crowd in Ottawa chants "thank you" his entire final shift and for several minutes thereafter the game to the Great One. Wayne Gretzky was a great player, a great teammate, and is an even greater person.

What do you believe are 5 characteristics of a good teammate?  

  • Humility
  • Dedication/work ethic 
  • Caring/considerate
  • Positive attitude 
  • Integrity 

What is one of the biggest challenges of playing a team sport?

The biggest challenge and reward is when everyone on a team takes ownership and pride in the role or part they play in a team's success. On the teams that I played with that were fortunate enough to win championships, every single member put the greater good of the team ahead of themselves and sacrificed for the success of the team.

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