Mothers Day 2024

It's not just Mother's Day, it's Hockey Mom's Day.

The NHL is celebrating Mother's Day with a special spotlight on a pair of moms who, like so many others across the world, sacrificed to help their children reach their full potential.

The new featurettes shine a light on Wendy Martinook, mother of Carolina Hurricanes forward Jordan Martinook and Mercedes Robertson, mother of Toronto Maple Leafs forward Nicholas Robertson and Dallas Stars forward Jason Robertson.

Wendy Martinook, who works with people born with disabilities in the community of Leduc, Alberta, talks about Jordan's one-track mind as he was growing up. She revealed that Jordan first started to take interest in the game while poking around his mother's hockey equipment bag.

Meet Wendy Martinook, mother of Jordan Martinook

Currently Wendy can be found shouting at the television during Hurricanes games, usually with Jordan's grandmother and her dog.

The Robertson household, the video showed, was not a very quiet one growing up.

Mercedes showed off the basement room where the two forwards would pepper shots at a net with a protective tarp behind it. The tarp, however, didn't cover the entire wall, leaving plenty of drywall damage.

Meet Mercedes Robertson, mother of Jason and Nick

It's just two of the countless stories of amazing mothers across the NHL.