Barkley with Draisaitl jersey

Clearly the Edmonton Oilers and the “NBA on TNT” group get along just fine.

On Sunday, TV analyst Charles Barkley got in on the fun between the two crews, receiving a special signed jersey from Oilers forward Leon Draisaitl.

The signed sweater follows the “Shaq Hyman” stunt from last month where Barkley’s crewmate Shaquille O’Neal created a makeshift hockey persona and visited the “NHL on TNT” set. His character is of course named after Oilers forward Zach Hyman.

O’Neal also previously got a Hyman jersey.

Draisaitl added a special message to Barkley’s jersey, saying “Tell Shaq to keep his cash,” poking fun at a comment O’Neal made after receiving his Hyman sweater. O’Neal said he would pay the Oilers not to send Barkley a jersey, which, of course, they did anyway.

All love between the two crews.

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