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Situation Room

Situation Room Initiated Challenge: CBJ @ NYR - 3rd

Original call stands - good goal Rangers @NHL

Situation Room: CBJ vs. NYR

Situation Room: Fast's late goal stands after review

Jesper Fast's goal stands after video review determines the puck crosses the goal line before the clock expires

  • 02:36 •

At 19:59 of the third period in the Blue Jackets/Rangers game, the Situation Room initiated a review under the terms of a Coach's Challenge to review whether New York was off-side prior to Jesper Fast's goal. 

Review was not conclusive in determining whether New York was off-side prior to the goal. According to Rule 78.7, "If a review is not conclusive and/or there is any doubt whatsoever as to whether the call on the ice was correct, the On-Ice Official(s) will be instructed to confirm their original call."

Therefore the original call stands - good goal New York Rangers. 


NOTE: In the final minute of play in the third period and at any point in Overtime (Regular Season and Playoffs), Hockey Operations will initiate the review of any scenario that would otherwise be subject to a Coach's Challenge.

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