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Tweets of the Game: 44 Seconds 11/23

by Emily Griganavicius @LAKings /


Tweet from @LAKings: #teamworkmakesthedreamwork

Tweet from @805jaemoney: @LAKings Kopi is back !!

Tweet from @joeliosis: Getting the ice ready for some @LAKings hockey vs @NYIslanders


Tweet from @ce_f18: .good to be back @LAKings

First Period.

Tweet from @TrojanWarrior: Oh man, it's great to see @AnzeKopitar back out on the ice! My Thanksgiving weekend is starting out muy bueno. Go @LAKings!! #LAKings

Tweet from @aussiemily: The fact that it's Kopi in the box should tell you it's a bogus #LAKings penalty. The footage will confirm it for you.

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Who played last night? 2 lazy penalties by the Kings early. #LAKings

- The Big O (@OzOlvera) November 24 2016

\n href:" id="token-3CD73EDB4DD154E0B56BE">Tweet from @OzOlvera: Who played last night? 2 lazy penalties by the Kings early. #LAKings


#DoughtyForNorris ...too early? 

Tweet from @FatsoTC: Drew Doughty is sooo much fun to watch! #8 @LAKings #gkg

Marty Party. 1-0. 

Tweet from @LAKings: Poor Jaroslav Halak was lost in Alec Martinez's eyes and never had a chance of saving this shot.

Tweet from @MegaManTJP91: Goaal!! Martinez! 1-0 @LAKings #NYIvsLAK

Second Period. 

Tweet from @theroyalhalf: .@LAKings how is this even a question?

Tweet from @LAKings: List of most adorable left wingers in LA Kings history:2. This kid1. Luc Robitaille

(Clearly, not much happened in the second...)

Third Period. 

The feeling when its 1-1. 

Tweet from @LAKings: feelings right now

Tweet from @Pinsky: Shake that booty, Chris! #LAKings

Tweet from @kjens317: @LAKings can we revamp the Dance Cam song to say "shake your Budaj"?? #GoKingsGo

Tweet from @kayaubrianna: I want a power play with actually power. Please, @LAKings.

Sorry, we got a little overwhelmed. 4-1. 

Tweet from @LAKings: GOALS. ALL OF THEM.

Tweet from @julian_silagy: ANOTHER GOAL 25 SECONDS LATER! Dwight King gets his 100th career point! #LAKings

Tweet from @sirclinksalot: 57 minutes of boring hockey for 44 seconds of awesome. Will take it. Has @davejosephla even called Forborts goal yet? #LaKings


Tweet from @CmdrProteus: This #LAKings game has me all like...

Tweet from @FreddyyMartinez: Saying this score escalated quickly would be a huge understatement. @LAKings

Tweet from @DanielDossey: What!?! What is going on here!?! Woooooo!!!!! #LAKings

Tweet from @heyjaanet: YEEESSSS #LAKings

We like to test his skills every once in a while. 

Tweet from @erikschuman: @davejosephla is getting quite the workout with @LAKings goals the last few minutes of the game. He FINALLY is all caught up.

Final. 4-2. 

Tweet from @LAKings: KINGS WIN

Tweet from @HillaryNadler: THREE goals in 44 seconds and a 4-2 win?! ILL TAKE IT! Yes! GO KINGS GO! @LAKings

Tweet from @mrskopitar: .@LAKings win!

Tweet from @Strange_Steph: KINGS WIN!!! #LAKings #GOKINGSGO

Tweet from @CriminalCaboose: Budaj, I know we haven't known each other long but... I love you... #LAKings

Tweet from @geektrooper: YEAH! @LAKings beat the Islanders 4-2! GOBBLE GOBBLE! #LAKings #NYIvsLAK

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