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Top 10 Tweets of Brooks Laich's Twitter Takeover

Brooks Laich took to the LA Kings Twitter to answer some very important fan questions

by LA Kings @LAKings /

Yesterday after the LA Kings practice, Brooks Laich took over @LAKings for an hour to answer fans' questions!

Tweet from @brookslaich: Hey friends, at 2pm I will be taking over the @LAKings Twitter account for a Q + A! Slide over there and hit me with your questions! ������

The tweets that came out of it were amazing.

Tweet from @LAKings: It���s time! Send us your questions now to get them answered by @brookslaich and Harley ��
I mean, we even got to meet Harley!

So, we decided to put together our Top 10 Brooks Laich's Tweets from it.

Check them out now:

10) How he felt playing his first NHL Game

Tweet from @LAKings: Awe, excitement, joy, pride, nerves, desire, conviction, you name it! So thrilled to make it to the NHL, and time to prove I belong here! BL

We felt the same way the first time we played NHL 18.

9) His adjustment to LA life traffic

Tweet from @LAKings: One word, PODCASTS! BL

Seriously guys, take his advice.
It's a life-saver.

8) Advice for the average LA baseball fan

Tweet from @LAKings: Come watch the @LAKings against the Lightning on Thursday night! Puck drop is 7:30pm!!!! Scream loud too!! BL

Yelling and hockey? Probably the best solution.

7) His most memorable goal

Tweet from @LAKings: Don't know if any goal has a chance to be a special as the first one I scored. Literally a dream come true and I couldn't stop smiling! BL

We're sure that Kurtis MacDermid, Michael Amadio and Alex Iafallo could all agree about the smiling.


Tweet from @LAKings: Watching our young guys score their 1st NHL goals!! Incredible, best moments ever! BL

We're sure they agree, too.

5) The fact that he can't dance

Tweet from @LAKings: Haha, I can't even dance off the ice, how am I suppose to do it on ice!! And thank you, much love! BL

 Black & White: Dancing Lessons with Julianne Hough
We could get behind that.

4) Favorite Hockey Memories Growing Up

Tweet from @LAKings: Sunday's the rink was open in my town for public skating, me and my friends would play shinny for hours and hours. Best days ever. BL

Can it get more Canadian than this?

3) How he got started playing

Tweet from @LAKings: My parents had me on skates when I was 2. The rest is history! BL

Well, looks like it can get more Canadian.

2) DOGS!

Tweet from @LAKings: No, she's been hard on the treats lately and needs some conditioning before #BarkMadness 2018 haha jk! But I will have her ready by then! BL

Do we have a future Bark Madness Champion on our hands?

1) His Hair Insipiration

Tweet from @LAKings: I would sport @adriankempe flow, in fact I'm currently growing mine to be just like his..... #truestory haha BL

Was the LA Kings Flow Competition™ just decided by one tweet?

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