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Top 10 Awkward LA Kings Draft Photos

A look back at how ridiculous current Kings players looked the day they were selected at the NHL Draft

by PumperNicholl @PumperNicholl /

A couple of weeks ago, the LA Kings dug up 10 amazing photos of current players on the roster at the NHL Draft combine.

That post set the countdown in motion for me to able to share some more beautiful-yet-embarassing photos of the Kings.

This time, we travel back in time to each player's draft year and see how they showed off their handsome good looks while a photographer convinced them this was a good idea during the awkward teenage years.

10. Matt Greene

"Hi, I'm Matt Greene and I'm going to make life miserable for NHL forwards for the next decade or so."

OK, so Greene isn't on the Kings roster anymore. I started this post before that happened and I wasn't about to rob the world of this amazing photo.

9. Anze Kopitar

Not pictured: First round draft pick Anze Kopitar

The Kings held the No. 11 pick in both the 2004 and 2005 NHL Entry Drafts.

In 2004, they selected one of the top European prospects available in Lauri Tukonen.

In 2005, they selected one of the top European prospects available in Anze Kopitar.

The draft photo of Kings' executives holding up a Kopitar jersey without Kopitar actually being there is awkward... but nothing could ever be as awkward as Tukonen's zero points in five career games in the NHL.

Watch: Youtube Video
...I spoke way too soon.

8. Jeff Carter

"I can't believe they made me take off my puka shell necklace for this picture."

7. Kyle Clifford

Those eyes are so mesmerizingly beautiful, yet haunting at the same time. ...all of which should have been window into Clifford's future in the NHL.

6. Derek Forbort

"Alright, Derek, now give us a menacing pose!"
*camera clicks*
"...yeah, that's perfect..."

5. Tanner Pearson

"Remember, kids, the only cool thing to do after school is homework and eating your vegetables!"

4. Dustin Brown

"Maybe if we put him next to some other people it won't look as uncomfortable?" - NHL photographer

"...well, we tried."

3. Drew Doughty

Never trust a teenager with a goatee who tries to double fist-bump you.

2. Tyler Toffoli

At the NHL Draft, Toffoli had to choose which path he was going to go down the rest of his life. Would he choose the darker persona of the left photo, or the fun, cheeky Tyler in the right photo?

He made the right decision.

1. Trevor Lewis

This is probably exactly what you would picture if someone said "Trevor Lewis NHL Draft photo." ...but its somehow gets better.

"I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO WITH MY HANDS!" - Trevor Lewis in the photos above, and on every breakaway attempt in his NHL career

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