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SHANGHAI FLIGHTS: Video Games Keep Kings Grounded During 14-Hour Flight

This is yet another reason why children dream of becoming professional athletes

by @LAKings @LAKings /

The LA Kings landed in Shanghai today ahead of the their matchup against the Vancouver Canucks at the NHL China Games.

It was a painstaking 14 hours that covered 6,500 miles in the air.

So what is there to do on such a long flight?

Tweet from @lakingsinsider: 14-hour flight. How to spend the time? Several guys picked up a Nintendo Switch. "We'll all be Mario Karting for a bit," Doughty said.

This is why children dream of becoming professional athletes.

LA Kings Insider Jon Rosen is always getting the scoops that Kings fans crave. So it's no surprise that he was able to get this #insider information. The biggest, of course, being that several players bought Nintendo Switch consoles for the flights.

Rosen spoke with the players about their plans for the flight and was able to dig up that Drew Doughty sat next to Trevor Lewis, which was convenient for when the video game battles started.

"I didn't bring my Xbox. I was going to do that. Yeah, I'll just sleep and play Nintendo and watch movies, I guess," Doughty said.

Reminder that, according to a panel of NHL experts, Doughty is ranked No. 3 among all defenseman in the league heading into the 2017-18 season.

Doughty, however, is currently unranked in the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe World Rankings.'s Nick Cotsonika was able to #confirm Rosen's original reporting:

Video: Cotsonika travels to Shanghai with the Kings

And the trip to China isn't the first time that the Kings have shown their support for the Mario Kart franchise.

This past January, Jonathan Quick was asked by LA Times what non-Kings hat he would design if he were given the opportunity.

"It would be for my son and it would be of Toad from Mario Kart. He loves all those games," Quick told the LA Times.

Just like the rest of the Kings, apparently.

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