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FOUND FOOTAGE: Breaking Down 'Hrudey's on Duty'

They said it was gone forever, but The Royal Half has uncovered the infamous Kelly Hrudey pump up music video

by The Royal Half @TheRoyalHalf /

The Lost Colony of Roanoke.

The Loch Ness Monster.

Al Capone's Vault.

For generations, people have been searching for these supposedly lost items. And for LA Kings fans of a certain generation, there is one item in particular that they've been searching for... and have been unsuccessful in finding. Until now.

Tweet from @vapper1971: Anyone know where to find a mp3 hrudey on duty

Tweet from @LetsGoKings: Does anyone have a copy of "Hrudey's on Duty Tonight" that they used to play on Pirate Radio? If so, let me know!

Tweet from @Figniner: @kroq Any chance you guys still have a copy of the song "Hrudey's on Duty" from @LAKings Kelly Hrudey back in the day?

On February 22, 1989 goaltender Kelly Hrudey was traded from the New York Islanders to the Los Angeles Kings for Mark Fitzpatrick, Wayne McBean, and future considerations. And a star... no, rather... a matinee idol was born!


And just three short weeks later, there was another big arrival in Los Angeles. "Pirate Radio" went live across the Southland on KQLZ 100.3 FM.

For people reading this article in 2017, the connection between a popular hockey goaltender and an upstart FM radio station might seem confusing. But for LA Kings fan that came of age between 1989 and 1991... the connection between these two is as beautiful as a pass from Wayne Gretzky to Jari Kurri.

Tweet from @Kristenske: I'm really liking Kelly Hrudey on CBC. I remember the "Hrudey on Duty" song on pirate radio when he played for the Kings! Wow I'm old!

Tweet from @originalCynic: Holy Crap!!! Kings sweep the Blues. I want to turn on Pirate Radio and sing "Hrudey's on duty! " #VintageLATweet

Tweet from @LetsGoKings: Actually got a response from Shadoe Stevens of Pirate Radio, who said he doesn't have "Hrudey's on Duty" #Keep looking

As the Kings were the talk of the town in 1989, Pirate Radio began playing a catchy rock-rap song called "Hrudey's On Duty."

Being 12 years old at the time, I remember the song being played on gamedays on 100.3 FM, both in the morning and in the evening near the drop of the puck. As the Kings advanced deeper and deeper into the playoffs each season, "Hrudey's On Duty Tonight" became a rallying cry for Kings fans. We'd shout it to each other on the streets, in the Great Western Forum parking lot, and when Kelly Hrudey would make a big sprawling save during the games.

Hrudey Save 1
It was a different time, my friends.
Make Goaltending '90s Again.

After the LA Kings magical run to the Stanley Cup Final in 1993, the team then struggled to make the playoffs the next few seasons. And in Spring of 1993, Pirate Radio left the airwaves, taking with it the last known copy of "Hrudey's On Duty." In the years since, a recording of the song has become many a LA Kings fan's white whale. Even some of the most prominent nerdiest LA Kings bloggers have been on a constant search for a copy of the song.

Tweet from @mayorNHL: Looking for a copy of the old song about former #LAKings goalie @KellyHrudey - it's called 'Hrudey's on Duty' -pls hit me up if u can assist

Tweet from @KingsMenPodcast: @mayorNHL Ask him if he has a copy of "Hrudey's On Duty" or some Coors Light Iced-T

Tweet from @theroyalhalf: @TheMouthLAKings I just want a copy of the ���Hrudey On Duty��� song. It���s all I want.

Well look no further, faithful LA Kings fans... as the Holy Grail of hockey songs has been found.

The Puck Boys - "Hrudey on Duty"

Now that this classic treasure has been unearthed after 25 years of searching... my only reaction is, "OH MY GOD THIS IS AWFUL, WHAT WERE WE THINKING?!?"


But before we delve too deep into breaking down this video, something needs to be said. This song was written and performed by The Puck Boys and the lead singer is Harry Perzigian, who is actually famous for something much more awful than this video. Harry Perzigian died in 2015, so we will never get the chance to hear his thoughts behind this song. But thankfully, someone has finally uploaded this to the internet and the legend of "Hrudey's on Duty" can live on forever.

The person who uploaded this long-lost treasure onto YouTube only has one other video on their channel.

And that video is a nearly 6 minute Mario Gosselin tribute video.
This person is my favorite YouTube star.
And this is their still active website.

The thing that strikes me the most about this music video is that it was so hastily thrown together at the last minute (probably shot the morning of the broadcast of the game being played in the clip). The background of shots are filled with people walking through the frame. And not just in wide shots... but in close-ups as well.

DIRECTOR: "Sorry, but we can't do another take. There is no way to capture that emotion again"

To be honest, the keyboard player is the MVP of this video. As the obvious inspiration for Rob Lowe's costume designer in Wayne's World, this keyboardist's compete level is off the charts during the entire video.

In fact, he's so in the zone, he's barely touching the keyboard.

Major props to the kid for making it back to the guitar in time to hit the whammy bar.

Sure, you might think the star of the video of "Hrudey's On Duty" is the keyboardist that was also an extra in American Psycho. But the real MVP is the lyrics.

Hrudey! Hrudey!
We'll be screaming as he twists and whirls and bends

Is this real
We must be dreaming
Have you checked our goals against

I don't think the songwriter had checked the GAA of any 1980s goalies.

He ain't my Messiah
But his names being praised
With a sticker on my car shouting "Hrudey Saves!"
He's as holy as a goalie's gonna be all right
Kelly Hrudey's on duty tonight

Messiah shout-outs! I had no idea this song got so political! Also, you generally don't want your goalies to be holy, unless you are talking about Kelly Hrudey's "Five5Hole" clothing line.

He's a whopper of a stopper, keeps the net airtight
Hrudey's on duty tonight

Obviously, this song is previewing Kelly Hrudey's wearing of the 1996 Kings Alternate Jersey.

That certainly is a "whopper" of a stopper.

Finally, our crack forensic team thinks that this video was shot in the fall of 1989 or spring of 1990. So there is every reason to believe that we could come together as a hockey community...

And find out where this kid is today.

Well, all right... you know you are out there, kid. Hit us up at @TheRoyalHalf and tell us the secrets of this video shoot!

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