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Fit to be King: Compression Therapy

Chandler Parr explains the overall benefits of using compression as a recovery technique.

by Chandler Parr @chandlerparrfit /

Compression therapy is one of the biggest keys to success for many elite athletes, so the idea of using this recovery tool may have seemed out of reach. Luckily, this is not the case!

Whether you are Jonathan Quick, someone who loves to workout, or even someone who doesn't, compression therapy is extremely beneficial for anybody.

I know that since I have incorporated this method into my recovery process, I have seen a major shift not only my performance, but also in my recovery time and injury prevention. 

Video: Chandler and Leo on benefits of compression therapy

As Leo mentioned, compression therapy helps improve blood circulation. This is crucial in helping promote healthy, oxygen rich blood to your muscles as they rebuild. Using compression therapy also significantly improves your range of motion, helps with overall soreness and reduces inflammation in the body.

Like Leo said in the video, one way to receive this therapy is by finding a recovery center near you. Some other ways are by using compression socks and sleeves, which can be bought online.

So, whether you're stopping goals on hockey's biggest stage, or running to get your morning cup of coffee down the street, compression therapy is a worth-while tool to enhance your body's longevity and overall performance in your everyday life. 


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