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An Inside Look at What It Takes to be the LA Kings In-Arena Host

The Kings are looking for a new in-arena host and Carrlyn Bathe explains what it takes to hold this position

by Carrlyn Bathe @CarrlynBathe /

Very few jobs require you to ask a packed ice arena full of 18,000+ people to get on their feet and make noise all before the beat drops in "Money for Nothing" by Dire Straits. 

This job does. 

When you are the LA Kings' in-arena host, this is a common scenario for a tied game, nearing the end of the third period.

At a normal job, you may find yourself winding down as your day comes to an end. At this job, you have to be ready to turn it to up to 11 until the very last puck drop. The end of the shift might be when you have to bring the most energy.

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Let me back up! I spent eight seasons with the Kings. My first five were on the Ice Crew, and my last three were as the in-arena host.

To this day, those were some of the most fun years of my career.

From this job, I've gone on to work at some incredible places and am currently at FOX Sports West, still covering the Kings, for XTRA Point. I can safely say, all of my arena experience before now helped prepare me for where I am at.

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But back to the job. This job is special - AND RARE. There are only 31 NHL teams ... some teams have one, none, or two hosts. It's like joining an exclusive club.

What does the job actually entail? 

The logistics seem simple. 

There's stuff that the fans see during a game: Multiple on-camera reads, running intermission contests, handing out prizes and delivering a good pump up.

It's the things they don't see that help cultivate the atmosphere inside of Staples Center: personal fan interactions on the concourse, the relationships that are built when the cameras are off, and the high fives that happen even after the game is over.

This job isn't just a "speak when the camera is on" type of of job; it is your unspoken duty to be a positive energy ambassador and create a place where people feel better than they did before they walked through those arena doors. 

The best part is you're working together with an entire organization to create that positive energy every single game night.

From Bailey the Lion, to the Ice Crew, to Alex the elevator operator who knows EVERYONE'S names - when you go to work at STAPLES Center, it's never about you. You're creating an experience together to help Los Angeles hockey fans fall in love with their Kings a little more each and every day.

So basically, what I'm trying to say is, if YOU think you can get thousands of people on their feet to DIRE STRAITS ... you should consider applying for this position.

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