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Isles Poll: Favorite Road Trips

The Islanders reveal their favorite road cities to visit and road arenas to play in

by Cory Wright WrightsWay /

The New York Islanders are constantly on the move during the NHL season, dipping in and out of 30 cities each year. 

Call it one of the perks of the job, getting to explore a good swath of North America, as well as complete the NHL's arena tour on an annual basis. 

But of the 30 cities and arenas, which ones stand out to the Islanders? ran a poll to get their take. 

Jordan Eberle: 

Arena: Montreal, Vegas, Western Canada

"Montreal is always fun to play in. Vegas was great actually. It's a loud building. Those two. And I love going to Western Canada, that's my home. Play the Oilers, Flames and Canucks. I love those buildings. They are fun and a lot of history there."

City: Nashville

"Country music. It's pretty simple, it's a good place to listen to bands and hang out."

Semyon Varlamov: 

Arena: Chicago

"The crowd there is unbelievable. The national anthem singer is unreal. Every time I play there I am so pumped. It's a really good crowd, great building, very loud. I really enjoy playing there."

City: Anywhere with warm weather

"You can't beat Florida. I like Tampa Bay. I like Fort Lauderdale, Miami. I like Dallas, Los Angeles. Warm weather, oceans. Nice views, mountains. Denver is a really nice town too."

Cal Clutterbuck: 

Arena: Buffalo

"I just like the colors of the building, the feeling of the building. I used to go to the Aud when it was still up and a few games at Marine Midland Arena. I watched the Dallas Stars win the Stanley Cup there actually in '99. We were sitting on the glass right in front of it. 

"I grew up close to there, but that's not really why [I like it]. I just like the sightlines of the building and I like being in there."

City: Vancouver

"I like that when you wake up you've got the water right there and the mountains and a little haze on the trees. It's unlike any other city in the NHL at this point. I know Seattle will mimic that a bit, but it's always kind of fun to go out there and breathe in that air. I just like it out there."

Anders Lee: 

Arena: Montreal

"Just the history that the Canadiens have and playing in Montreal, the fans and the atmosphere. It's a really cool place to play and I enjoy playing there. Tough game though."

City: Vancouver

"I always love going to Vancouver, I love being out there. We normally get a day out there, so you get to spend more time in the city and get to know it a little bit. Awesome food."

Josh Bailey: 

Arena: Toronto, Montreal and Chicago. 

"I do enjoy going back to play in Toronto because it's home. Atmosphere, probably Montreal, Chicago, but I enjoy the California trip too. I don't think I could narrow it down. 

City: Too many to count. 

"It's tough to narrow it. There's a lot of great cities. A lot of great buildings. I really don't know if I have one specific."

Mathew Barzal: 

Arena: Chicago

"I like the anthem in Chicago." 

City: Manhattan 

"I like going into the city to play the Rangers and the walk to MSG."

Devon Toews: 

Arena: Vancouver

"Just the amount of friends and family who are able to come watch."

City: San Jose

"San Jose was pretty cool, that's probably my favorite so far. I haven't been to all of them so far for playing, Nashville would be a fun one to hit."

Matt Martin: 

Arena: Detroit

"I always enjoy playing in Detroit because of family. Besides that obvious one, I'd say Montreal is a pretty fun one. Bell Centre has a lot of history and a great atmosphere."

City: Nashville

"It's more of a laid-back place and you can listen to some live music. Good restaurants. Nashville is probably one of my favorites."

Thomas Greiss: 

Arena: Chicago

City: Chicago

"Great fans there, best anthem singer and a lot of nice restaurants and stuff. Nashville is nice to visit."

Leo Komarov: 

Arena: Chicago, Montreal

"Just good fans. The crowd is sick there. There's lots of good places, but especially those two."

City: Miami

"I like to go to the beach and get some sun. Tampa is good too. California, LA, just because of the weather."

Adam Pelech: 

Arena: Toronto
City: Toronto

"Toronto for both. Favorite city because I can see my family. Favorite rink because it's obviously a pretty special building, especially growing up in Toronto."

Johnny Boychuk

Arena: Montreal

"Just because of the start beforehand. The music and the little kid waving the flag as he skates around, I think it's awesome."

City: Nashville 

"There's so many. Boston is one. Vegas. There's a lot of good places, but I think my favorite would be Nashville, Anaheim's good. LA is good." Why Anaheim? 

"When we go there, it's usually before Christmas, so it's good to go shopping for Christmas presents. Disneyland is there. I remember we went to Disneyland on our day off one year. Nashville, Vegas and Montreal are good too. There's lots of good spots."

Ryan Pulock: 

Arena: Vegas

"There's a few. Probably Vegas honestly, they brought the energy there the first few years in the league. People are going nuts. The music is loud. It's pretty cool."

City: Nashville

"I'm a country music fan, so it's pretty cool vibe down there if you go sit and listen to some music."

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Anthony Beauvillier 

Arena: Montreal

"Obviously just the buzz all around it. It's also intimidating to play there too."

City: Nashville

"Nashville. Just the music and the buzz around the city. It doesn't matter what time it is. Just going on the street and you can hear country music and I'm a big fan of that. Nashville for sure."

Derick Brassard: 

Arena: Vegas

"The best atmosphere - outside of the Coli, of course - is probably Vegas. For the fans [Vegas] is something to experience, it's a really cool atmosphere. The building there was pretty loud last time."

City: California Trip

"It's more a trip. The California trip is fun, and now Vegas… I also like going back to Montreal. Usually you're just there for one night and leave, but I'd say California trip, or Vegas-Phoenix-Dallas, depending on the schedule, that's always fun for the weather and stuff like that."

Scott Mayfield: 

Arena: Vegas 

My favorite arena right now is probably Vegas. It's just loud, they're a good team, it's a fun road trip. My parents are always there. They've come each year that we've played there. I've actually gotten a lot of family and friends come down there and gone to that game. 

Nashville's arena atmosphere and then outside of the rink there's some cool stuff to do. Vegas, the arena is amazing. It's just so loud in there. They pack it. Then, I have friends and family that always seem to go. My brother will hopefully be there this year. He's in New Mexico and hasn't seen me play yet. That'll be a fun one.

City: St. Louis/Colorado 

St. Louis and Colorado are great. I have a lot of family and friends there. Nashville is always great. I like the city. There's cool restaurants, live music and all of that stuff. It's nice to go to California too.

Nick Leddy: 

Arena: Chicago

"It's hard to choose just one." 

City: Nashville

"I think Nashville is a lot of fun. The city, the atmosphere around the rink. The whole strip is pretty fun. I love country music and live music."

Casey Cizikas: 

Arena: Chicago

"It's one of the better atmospheres. It's loud, it's fun to play in."

City: Chicago (or Tampa)

"The city itself (Chicago) is great too. Maybe Tampa. Tampa has nice weather, good atmosphere, it goes hand in hand and it's a pretty good spot to play."

Ross Johnston: 

Arena: Chicago

"Chicago is a really exciting environment. It's a loud rink. There's lots of great areas... Chicago was an exciting one for me going back to two years ago was like my first game again. Brings back memories each time I go back there." 

City: Chicago or Vegas

"There's so many nice cities. Chicago is nice as well. Vegas is nice with the weather and it's something you're not used to seeing every day. Nashville. All the cities you'd expect are some of my favorites. Tampa too cause I have family down there."

Michael Dal Colle: 

Arena: Montreal or Chicago

"The national anthem in Chicago. Montreal is one of the most passionate fanbases. It's loud, a good atmosphere and fun to play in."

City: Toronto

"I like going to Toronto because it's back home."

Noah Dobson: 

Arena: Tampa

"Just a cool atmosphere. A lot of blue. A good atmosphere and a lot of fans. For a rink I've been to, but haven't played in was Montreal. When I was a kid I went to the Bell Centre to watch a couple of games, so it was cool to be there." 

City: LA

"LA was cool. It's got a big city feel. It's big like New York, but has a totally different feel. Tampa. Obviously a lot of good cities. I really liked Chicago even though we were only there for a day, but I thought it was cool."

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