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10 Years Later, 2010 Run Still Thrills... and Hurts

In celebration of the 10-year anniversary of the Flyers' run to Game 6 of the 2010 Stanley Cup Final, the organization hosted a live streaming reunion show

by Bill Meltzer @BillMeltzer /

In celebration of the 10-year anniversary of the Flyers' run to Game 6 of the 2010 Stanley Cup Final, the organization hosted for season ticket holders a live streaming reunion show on Wednesday. Eight members of the 2009-10 participated in the online panel.

Hosted by Tim Saunders and Steve Coates, the online get-together participants included current Flyers Claude Giroux amd James van Riemsdyk, current Flyers assistant coach Ian Laperriere, and Flyers Alumni Association members Brian Boucher, Danny Briere, Simon Gagne, Scott Hartnell and Kimmo Timonen.

Although the 2009-10 season ended in a heartbreaking Game 6 overtime loss to the Chicago Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup Final, the season is recalled as one of the most dramatic and exciting of the 2000s. It was highlighted by the Flyers' final-day shootout victory over the Rangers to get into the playoffs, the comeback from a three games to zero deficit in the Eastern Conference Semifinals against Boston, three shutout victories over Montreal in the Eastern Conference Final, and drawing even at two games apiece in the Stanley Cup Final after losing the first two games in Chicago.

Here are some of the highlights from Wednesday's stream:


Scott Hartnell: " Just the name.... playing against him in front of net all those years. ... To have him on your own blueline, playing big minutes, was huge. It was fun to play with him."

Claude Giroux: "I remember when we were playing Jersey. First game we lost. I'm a pretty competitive guy. I'm throwing stuff around. Then I see Chris. He's smiling, and it gave everybody confidence. The one loss wasn't going to stop us."


Ian Laperriere: "Boooooooooooooooo-sh!"

Brian Boucher: "I was a little rusty coming back (from injury). It was probably a big part of we lost eight of 11 down the stretch. I remember that I had a lot of nerves, butterflies, going into that game. I'm just glad we were able to win it."

Coates: "There was a meeting with Lavy the day before about the possibility of a shootout. Do you remember it?"

Danny Briere: "Lavy had us watch a couple shootout with the Rangers. He wanted us to have a move in mind if we had to go to a shootout. I think G is the one who changed what he played."

Giroux: "I did change it. I saw Danny go. I saw Richie go and Lundqvist was pretty deep in his net. I was thinking to go high glove. When I got in close, I didn't have anything so I went five-hole."

Saunders: " How about those dance moves you broke out at the end, Boosh?"

Boucher: "I had been pulled for an extra attacker in Game 81, and we lost. Lundqvist did his fist pump thing at the end. I was pissed. I thought if I get a chance to beat this guy in Game 82, I'm gonna do the Lundqvist fist pump. Obviously, I didn't know it was going to come down to a shootout. But, yeah, it was predetermined. I wanted to give it right back to Lundqvist, because he's the best shootout goalie in the world."


Scott Hartnell: " Fun way to play. It was like the shackles were off. Lavy's system from the hash marks, down below the goalie,it was a fun way to play. I think we caught some teams by surprise."

Simon Gagne: We had a lot of ups and downs after the coaching change. Some injuries.To me, to be honest with you, it was the series against Boston where I saw that we had something special with our group."

JVR: "I never felt like we were much of an underdog. I remember being pretty wide-eyed. I don't know if I was aware of as many things then as I would have been later in my career."


Briere: "Nobody knew much about Ville, except that he was a great practice player. But the chemistry was instant, and it lasted for almost two years."

Hartnell: "I remember Ville dangling with the puck.... we complimented each other well. When you feel like you've got a chance to get on the score sheet every night, that's a fun way to play."


Ian Laperriere: "That's what I had to do to keep the puck away from our goalie. Sorry Boosh! No, I'm just kidding. Every one has their style of play and their role."

Giroux: "Everybody knows Lappy, how he played. When he came to us, the way he played, it made everyone play harder."

Timonen: "The more ice time you play, the more confident you feel making plays. And my partner, [Brayden] Coburn.... man, Coby was a different bird!" 


Briere: We felt like we shouldn't be down 3-0. We hadn't gotten a single bounce. They lost [David] Krejci in Game 3, and that a big loss for them. Once we won Game 4, things started going our way."

Hartnell: "We played good in Game 1, better in Game 2, great in Game 3 and we're down 3-0. It was like, how the hell is this happening? Game 4 shouldn't have gone overtime, but Mark Recchi sent it to OT. Then when we won, we felt like we were going to be OK. .... I remember the timeout Lavy took in Game 7. He said "just stop the puck", maybe a few extra words in there. Then THAT guy, James vs RiemsDORK, scored and we were right back in the game."

Timonen: "I agree with Danny and Hartsy. We felt like we were the better team the whole series.Even when we were down, 3-0. Then things started turning our way when they lost Krejci."

Boucher: "I don't think Michael Leighton gets enough credit for how well he played when he had to step in after I got injured."

Timonen: "You never want to see anyone get hurt but when Boosh went down in Game 5, I asked him. 'Are you OK?' He was screaming, 'I'm done! I'm done!' So, yeah..."

Boucher: "I thought I blew out both my ACLs. Thankfully, it was just MCL sprains so I was able to come back."

Briere: "When we shut out the Bruins in Game 5, I really started to think we'd do this."

Gagne: "In Game 7, I think we all though we were gonna win."

Hartnell: "I remember, before the 3rd period, we were pretty loose."


Hartnell: "It was kind of a perfect storm that we ended up playing Montreal in the Conference Final. We were actually the home ice team."

Gagne: "We had a few French Canadian guys on our team. We really didn't want to lose to Montreal and have to hear about it all summer."

Giroux: "Leighton was calm and had confidence in himself. He came up with some big games for us, obviously, with [three] shutouts."

Briere: "Montreal had a tough road to get to us. They had to deal with Ovechkin in the first round, Crosby and Malkin in the second. We didn't have that big superstar they could key on. We were a different kind of matchup for them. Two good D pairs. Different lines to match up against. It was an advantage for us, I think, that we were a different kind of opponent."

Laperriere: "I was an older player, near the end of my career. So it was really special to get to Cup Final. You never know when you'll get back, or if you'll get back. JVR and G were young players then."

JVR: "It's funny. That was my first year, and I remember the expectations were high at the beginning. I think I have come appreciate what it takes to go that far in the playoffs. I haven't been back to the Finals since then. I think the team we have now has some of the same things we had back then."


Timonen: "Lots of up-and-down,not a lot of defense played, right in Game 1."

Briere: "Not what you'd expect. To score five on the road in Game 1, you would expect to win. We were so close to winning in Game 1 -- and Game 2 -- if we win those, it's probably a different story we're talking about."

Giroux (on Game 3 overtime goal): "I remember that I was just trying to get a stick on it." 

Lappy (on his comeback to the lineup): "It was perfect. Lavy cut my ice time from about seven minutes to three, so that was about right. No, I was just glad to get my one more kick at the can. I was happy to play my three minutes. I had missed a month of playoff hockey."

Boucher: "I had two losses in relief in that Final. I lost Game 1 and I only allowed one goal. These guys scored enough goals to make me the losing goalie."

Briere: "We call it the Boosh special."

Hartnell: "Game 5, we were lethargic and slow. It was a missed opportunity."

Timonen: "Game 5 wasn't the best effort from us. That's the game I'd let to get back. Play better team defense, just play better overall."


Timonen: "I have played this game over so many times in my mind. What could I do different on that last play?"

Boucher: "It's a bad feeling. That sharp angle play, Leights got caught in between moving across or putting his right pad down. Kane is a skilled player. It was tough."

Laperriere: "Carts could have won that game late in the third period. That's what I remember. I was on the bench, of course, when Kane scored. I knew it was in the net. A player like him, when he puts his hands in the air, he knows it's in."

Briere: "When you win, the beauty of it isn't what you've done. It's what you get to share with your teammates, with the fans."

Timonen: "When I got traded to Chicago, I walked into the room and I had to look at that [bleeping] picture with Kane and I'm in it. Welcome to the Chicago Blackhawks. I did win the Cup with them, and I'll take it, but I was in the Lappy role. Playing 3 minutes a night."

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