The clashing of hockey sticks and shots off the pavement is a far cry from the sounds of sticks, blades and laughter on the ice. While playing ball hockey is a good substitute, nothing can beat the feeling of free-wheeling and flying around the rink with your friends in tow.

Sadly, for the town of Enderby, road hockey is all they can play right now because their ice plant at the local rink died a few months ago. But that all could change in an instant, if hockey fans around the province have their say in a good way over the next few days.

Enderby, B.C. is one of four communities across Canada competing for the next location of Kraft Hockeyville.

Kraft Hockeyville’s 2024 grand prize is $250,000 for arena upgrades and the opportunity to host a preseason NHL game. The other three communities that have made it to the voting round are Elliot Lake, Ont.; Cochrane, Alta.; and Wolseley, Sask.

This past winter, there were mechanical failures that affected the arena’s refrigeration system, forcing it to close for the remainder of the season. Built in 1904, the facility needs several upgrades to prevent future failures which the prize money would go towards.

With a population of just over 3,000 people, Enderby’s community has a passion for hockey and Enderby Arena provides a place where youth can stay active during the winter. 

Former Canucks goaltender Kirk McLean made a trip up to Enderby to meet the people who put forward their bid for Kraft Hockeyville. Some of the local kids also had the chance to play ball hockey with the former NHL netminder.

“I was one of these kids back in the day. What it meant to me to be able to go to my local arena and play hockey was amazing. Enderby’s a hockey town, the surrounding area is a hockey town and they’re all Vancouver Canuck fans I’m sure,”  said McLean in an interview with Global News.

Enderby’s minor hockey organization hosts hundreds of kids each season and the arena provides low and no-cost entrance options for youth to get involved in hockey and there’s support for school programs to help children of all ages and abilities learn the importance of teamwork and develop a passion for the game as a lifelong sport.

Located just over an hour’s drive north of Kelowna, Enderby Arena serves many of the surrounding communities. Due to the location and dry, cold climate helps produce quality ice making it a great place to host tournaments.

Voting starts Friday March 29 at 6 a.m. PT and closes tomorrow, Saturday, March 30 at 2p.m. PT. 

Head to and vote for Enderby as the next Kraft Hockeyville.

The winner will be announced on Hockey Night in Canada Saturday March 30.