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This week, we took your questions into the locker room for answers from the players. 

Tammy L.: What is the best dish you can cook? (for the team) 

Dakota Joshua claims his best dish is chicken stir fry. 

Nils Höglander says he is a big taco guy and his favourite ones to make are beef tacos. 

Tyler Myers tells us that he is a ‘Big Breakfast Guy.’ 

“Any type of egg, I’ll cook it up for you,” said Myers. “I’ve learned how to perfectly make bacon through our team chef here too. We come in every morning, and he’s got the most incredible bacon for us. So, I had to ask him how he does it.” 

Myers even gave us his best ingredients in scrambled eggs. 

“I am usually pretty simple with mine,” said Myers of his scrambled eggs. “Green onions, some chopped up red and yellow peppers. No green peppers because I’m not a green pepper guy. If it’s not scrambled, I will go with over-easy eggs on some toast or some over-medium poached on some toast. I can make you eggs however you want them.” 

Anoop M.: What is your favourite place in the city and why?

“I like a bike ride on the Seawall,” said Joshua. “It’s very relaxing.” 

Höglander says that Stanley Park is nice, but he doesn’t go there that often. He likes Kitsilano Beach because it is quiet and there is a nice ocean to look at. 

Myers struggled to pick one spot because he has so many fun hangout spots, but he loves his family to Kitsilano and going to Lokal Cafe. 

Conor Garland likes to visit some cafes around town or enjoy a good steak dinner at Elisa.

Richard G.: Which player gives out the most pucks in warmup?

“J.T. Miller is always good for at least one,” said Joshua. “I would say he is the most consistent. He probably gives out the most in total.” 

“When Linus Karlsson is playing, he always gives so many pucks,” said Höglander. 

“I’m in my own little zone during warm-up but I think Big Z gives out a lot,” said Myers. 

Garland is in his own world during warm-ups, but he always gives a puck to one of the trainers and keeps one in his locker from every game. He also believes that Miller gives out the most pucks in warm-up. 

Brielle D.: How loud is the crowd when you are playing? Can you hear much?

Joshua says that the crowd is loud, but he can still always have a conversation. 

“I’m just excited to hear how loud they are in the playoffs,” said Joshua with an excited laugh. 

Höglander says that the crowd is always loud and that he can hear them but he’s so excited for the playoffs and to see how loud it is in Rogers Arena. 

“It fires me up and I love it,” said Höglander. 

Höglander also said that he wants the fans to be even louder in the playoffs. 

“We have a really good barn,” said Myers. “When the fans start getting into it, you can really hear them.” 

“When it gets to a certain point, you hear them,” said Garland of the crowd. “There are buildings where you hear fans and here it’s a loud one. After playing nearly 400 games, there’s a certain level that fans need to get to really notice but here it is pretty loud. We get a little energy from the crowd here especially when we are having a good year. It’s fun and we can all really hear it.” 

Garland remembered three of the loudest pops from the crowd this season. 

He brought up Nils Höglander’s goal against the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Quinn Hughes’ overtime goal against the New York Islanders.

And Filip Hronek’s game-tying goal against the Boston Bruins.

Julia K.: Who would you say you are closest to on the team? Who is your best friend?

Joshua would go with Conor Garland and says it is because “Conor makes the plays.”

“All the Swedish guys are my besties,” said Höglander. “I am feeling at home when I’m with them. We will talk about what is going on back home.”

Myers says his best pals are J.T. Miller, Elias Pettersson, Quinn Hughes, Brock Boeser, and Thatcher Demko. All the guys he has been teammates with the longest.

“Well, I don’t have any brothers, so when I get close to somebody, it’s usually pretty close,” said Garland. “I’d have to say, Quinn Hughes. I go over to his house and have dinner quite a lot. We like to just hang out and talk.”

Eric B.: What does Carson Soucy love to do in Vancouver?

Soucy noted Spanish Banks as his favourite spot to bring his dog and the kids.

He really enjoyed the Capilano suspension bridge during Christmas time. He and his family enjoyed the light show there.

And speaking of a light show, Soucy enjoyed taking his twin girls to the VanDusen Festival of Lights at the Botanical Gardens.

“It’s a nice walk and you get a hot chocolate and some popcorn. That’s about how far the twins have ventured out in their lives so far.”

Marie B.: What is everyone’s favourite flavour of Gatorade?

Noah Juulsen, Rick Tocchet, Nils Åman and Casey DeSmith go with blue.

Vasily Podkolzin’s favourite is grape.

Soucy’s flavour no longer exists, but he was a huge fan of the raspberry lemonade G2 flavour.

“They don’t make it anymore, but the best Gatorade ever made was the G2 raspberry lemonade. They stopped making it during COVID, but it was by far the best Gatorade, and I’m let down that they stopped making it. Honestly, I’m not a huge Gatorade guy and I didn’t like any of the G2s until I tried that raspberry lemonade one.”

J.T. Miller went with Glacier Cherry and made sure to say not that G2 stuff. He likes the kick in a real Gatorade.

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