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This week, we took your questions into the locker room for answers.

Tyler Myers gives some details on Movie Club...

This was not as much of a fan question but instead, some follow-ups from me to a question a few weeks ago that drew a lot of interest.

We learned that Myers is the unofficial leader of the movie club that sees Thatcher Demko, J.T. Miller and Brock Boeser join him as the quartet watches movies on their flights. So, we asked the veteran defenceman some questions to find out more about Movie Club.

What is the best movie you brought on the flights this year?

“Interstellar is my number one,” said Myers. “But we’ve watched a lot of good ones. We rotate between the four of us in the back of the plane. Millsy still has a tough time grasping the concept of what type of movies. He wants to watch comedies but they’re still enjoyable.”

Aside from you, who is the best at bringing movies to the group?

“I’d have to say Demmer. He and I are in quality control for the group.”

What is a movie that you have brought that got great reviews from the club?

“Lucky Number Slevin was great. It had a really good twist at the end and the boys liked that one a lot.”

Ken H.: If the Canucks and Oilers are tied for first place at the end of the season who would get the division championship?

There are more levels to it but the NHL tiebreaker if teams are tied in points at the end of the season is the greater number of regulation wins (RW). This would mean excluding games won in overtime and the shootout.

As of Monday morning, the Canucks have 41 wins in regulation and the Oilers have 37.

Here is the page for the more detailed version of the NHL’s tie-breaking procedure.

Rio A.: What is your favourite marine animal?

Rick Tocchet, Dakota Joshua, Noah Juulsen, Mark Friedman, Phil Di Giuseppe, and Filip Hronek all chose dolphins as their favourite marine animal.

Lots of love for whales with Nils Åman, Nils Höglander, and Carson Soucy all saying orcas. Elias Pettersson selected blue whales and Brock Boeser represented all ‘whales’.

Vasily Podkolzin likes turtles.

Sam Lafferty decided on narwhals.

Nikita Zadorov said his favourite is pelicans.

Natalee R.: Who is the friendliest guy on the team?

Brock Boeser said Vasily Podkolzin.

Noah Juulsen and Nikita Zadorov went with Carson Soucy.

Vasily Podkolzin and Phil Di Giuseppe went with Filip Hronek.

Filip Hronek went with Quinn Hughes.

Carson Soucy went with Sam Lafferty.

Sam Lafferty went with Brock Boeser.

Nils Åman went with Noah Juulsen.

Mark Friedman went with Ilya Mikheyev.

Elias Pettersson went with Casey DeSmith.

Nils Höglander believes that he is the friendliest on the team.

Dakota Joshua also selected himself as the friendliest on the team.

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