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Stecher blog - 9.18.16

A win, family time and sushi - lots of sushi

by Troy Stecher @troystecher / Young Stars blogger

Muuuuuch better.

We earned a 3-2 win over Winnipeg this afternoon and it goes without saying winning leads to much better feelings than losing. Highlight of the game for me was getting some love from the crowd after the in-game announcer called out the assists on our first goal. I just put a harmless puck on net and coach Green told us before the game to capitalize on our second and third chances, which we didn't do against Edmonton. Obviously we did against Winnipeg and it led to an assist for me.

Tweet from @Canucks: Stecher's shot was too hot to handle and Moynihan finished the play. #YoungStars

Hearing them cheer for me again was fun, they're so loyal and they support this organization in Penticton so well and it was nice to be able to come out here and suit up for them. This is where it all began.

My nerves have settled down quite a bit since the beginning of the tournament. I felt a lot more confident out there today and I just felt at home in my old home. I'm just trying to build everyday, I don't want to get complacent, so there's always some aspect of my game I'm looking to improve on. Today I think I took another step.

The early 2 p.m. start time was different and definitely messed with routines, but at this level you have to be able to prepare with anything thrown your way and everyone is dealing with the same factors, it's not just one guy having to adjust their routine. My biggest adjustments were not getting a nap in and that I walked to the rink instead of busing to get my legs going, wake up the mind and get some fresh air. I'd say it worked.

I saw family again post-game and did some great visiting Saturday. I went for lunch with my old billet dad and my own father and we hit up Ginza Sushi, my favourite spot; I probably spent thousands of dollars there when I played here in juniors. Crispy crispy roll with spicy sauce, inside out salmon roll and a California roll. Every time, no matter what. Then I had dinner with my grandparents and my mom and saw my niece and my nephew and my brother and his girlfriend. I tried to spread out the love and see everyone in my family for a least part of the day.

Saturday ended as quietly as it began. I came back after dinner and hung out with Olli in the room. Obviously with Sunday's game time being so much earlier than a normal start time, we had to get to bed earlier and that was easier said than done. I laid in bed and tried to shut my mind off as quickly as I could, but Olli did a lot better than I did. I was on my phone again.

I'm not sure if I'm in the line-up Monday or what tonight holds. Maybe more crispy crispy rolls with spicy sauce, inside out salmon rolls and a California rolls? Dare to dream.


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