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We are very excited to announce that, as part of the inaugural Columbus Blue Jackets Hockey Analytics Conference (CBJHAC), we will be running a hockey-specific data competition that is open for public participation.
Competition participants will have access to a half-season of AHL data as well as an expected goals model provided by Sportlogiq with the goal of providing analysis and insight on an actionable idea within the hockey landscape, (for example: what is the most effective way to defend in the neutral zone?)
Selected finalists will have the opportunity to present their findings to a panel of NHL team executives representing the New York Rangers, Columbus Blue Jackets, Vegas Golden Knights, Colorado Avalanche, St. Louis Blues and NHL Seattle.
Interested in participating?
Anyone interested is encouraged to apply. In order to gain access to the data set, applicants will be asked to sign an NDA and also complete a skill-based question. Teams (maximum: two people) are welcome.
Final submissions will be due by 9:00pm EST on Dec. 22, 2019 and should:

  • Define the question you asked
  • Provide a short summary of your approach
  • Give an overview of your findings
  • Identify key action points from your analysis
  • Data and code may be included as an appendix 

Finalists will be selected* on, or by, January 2, 2020. Each finalist will receive a complimentary ticket to the Conference, and will have the opportunity to present their findings to our panel of NHL executives in a private session with the executives on Sunday, February 9, 2020.
Prizes will be awarded to the finalists who are invited to the conference, including a grand prize to be awarded to one presentation, as selected by the executive panel.
Participation in CBJHAC's data competition is open any individual regardless of background, experience, previous analysis, or public work.
*Evaluation criteria includes, but is not limited to: a demonstrated ability to creating actionable insights for a general manager or head coach working in hockey and not just research); generating creative ideas, which may mean borrowing and applying ideas from other sports, leveraging domain knowledge, and/or filling gaps created by limitations of public data; a performative understanding of how to work with large data sets.

To register for the Data Contest, please enter your name and email address below. You will be contacted shortly thereafter with directions on how to proceed with your contest entry.


Analytics Conference Schedule - Saturday, February 8

7:45 Registration  
8:20 Opening Remarks  
8:30 NHL Executives' Panel - Focused on Analysis of the Game Moderated by Craig Custance
9:10 Expected Goals in the NHL: A Review (2004-2020) Josh and Luke Younggren
9:30 BREAK  
9:40 Goal Sequencing and its contribution to Score Effects Micah Blake McCurdy
9:55 Enhancing Traditional Shift Analysis with Transitional Play Data Alex Novet
10:10 A comprehensive analysis of pass difficulty, value and tendencies in ice hockey David Yu
10:40 Defending the blue line, the impact of a pass Corey Sznajder
10:55 BREAK  
11:05 Which League is Best? Using Paired Comparison Models to Estimate Hockey League Strength and Project Player Performance Katerina Wu
11:20 Public prospect analysis lacks crucial nuance Hannah Stuart
11:25 A Data-Driven Model For Predicting NCAA DI Hockey Game Outcomes Nayan Patel
11:30 NHL-drafted skater development in NCAA hockey Trevor Greissinger
11:35 Extracting Player Tracking Data from Video Using Non-Stationary Cameras and a Combination of Computer Vision Techniques Neil Johnson
11:50 LUNCH  
12:50 CBJHAC Q&A - The future of the game Chris Boucher, Andrew Thomas, Chris MacFarland, Josh Flynn (Moderated by Seth Partnow)
1:40 A spatio-temporal analysis of goaltender positioning and strategies in professional hockey Cole Anderson
2:00 BREAK  
2:10 NHL Executives' Panel - Focused on Management Topics Moderated by Craig Custance
2:50 Rush / Non-Rush contributions at a player level Meghan Chayka
3:05 The Anatomy of a Power Kill Meghan Hall / Alison Lukan
3:20 BREAK  
3:30 Player Contribution Matricies and Random Skate Simulations David D'Angelo
3:45 Data-Driven Story Telling Alison Lukan
4:00 A datavis-first approach to figuring out the world of hockey analytics Bill Tran
4:05 Does Expansion Dilute the Talent Base? Nathan Gabay
4:15 Impact of a sellout crowd on shots on goal totals Phillip Krumm
4:20 Closing Remarks