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MacKinnon To Cameo In Trailer Park Boys

The Avalanche forward stars as himself

by Ryan Boulding @rboulding /

MacKinnon on Trailer Park Boys

Nathan MacKinnon is in season 11 of Trailer Park Boys

Avalanche forward Nathan MacKinnon talks about making a cameo in season 11 of "Trailer Park Boys"

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CENTENNIAL, Colo.--Fans of the raunchy comedy Trailer Park Boys are in for a special treat when season 11 is released on Netflix tomorrow.

Colorado Avalanche forward Nathan MacKinnon has a cameo on the show, the result of a Nova Scotia-based relationship that blossomed in Colorado.

"It was awesome. All those guys are from my hometown, so you're a little star-struck being out there," MacKinnon said. "They came to Denver. I met them a couple years ago after their comedy show they did. They invited me out to do a cameo. I think it's funny. Honestly, I haven't even seen it yet, which is a little scary. I'm hoping it looks OK. I'm hoping I did a good job."

MacKinnon likes to dabble as an actor in his free time, and has appeared on television before.

"I was on another Canadian TV show called Mr. D a couple times before," the 21-year-old center from Halifax said. "The first time I did Mr. D, I was going into my NHL Draft season. It's a funny clip, I think…I just did one scene each time with them, but I did like two or three with Trailer Park Boys.

"So I had some experience, but [the Trailer Park Boys] take it to another level with their humor. It's definitely R-rated humor. I don't swear or anything, but they do a little bit. So it's funny, and I'm excited to see it."

Watch: MacKinnon In Mr. D.

An opportunity to work with some "hometown heroes" was something MacKinnon jumped at when the idea was presented to him. 

"It's exciting. I grew up on that show--maybe not grew up on it because it's pretty vulgar," he said. "They're so huge there. Bubbles had his own bar called Bubbles Mansion. It's closed now, but it was huge. Those guys, they're legends where [I'm] from, and it's great to see them do well. It's always good to see Maritimers out there, and it's obviously a world wide show now. They're in L.A. They have Snoop Dogg on their show. So when you get Snoop Dogg on your show, you know you made it. So I'm glad they asked me, and I'm definitely very honored."

For those wondering, the answer is yes. MacKinnon is equal parts hockey player and actor in his scenes, which involve some vulgar youth hockey players.

"I'm acting as myself. I have to act. They give me lines I have to say," MacKinnon said, laughing at the memories of his time on set. "It's good. There's a bunch of kids around. I'm doing street hockey tricks and stuff. I kept messing it up. I had to do a bunch of takes of them, but I did act. Those guys are great, and they come out to Denver a little bit to watch us play. So it's good.

"I'm a hockey player, not an actor, so if I don't do a good job, it's not that big of a deal. I'm sure they'll make me look good. They can kind of change things around. Hopefully I didn't mess it up too bad."

If you're worried that this is the last time you'll see No. 29 on televisions around the globe, fear not. The Avalanche staple said he's willing to take on more roles outside of his busy hockey schedule.

"I'm always open to that kind of stuff. I think it's good," he said, laughing at the prospect. "I have my ACTRA (Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists) card. I'm on IMDB. So I'm pretty legit.

"You can search Nathan MacKinnon IMDB, and you'll see me. You'll see all my credits."

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