Scoreboard Greeting

Name in Lights

Name in Lights

Do you want to put a special greeting on the SAP Center scoreboard during a Sharks Game? Happy Birthday, Welcome, Marriage Proposal, Prom and more?

The Sharks are offering completely customizable greetings. Your greeting will appear in lights during the 1st intermission and you may add any greeting to the center hung scoreboard. Greetings are limited to 4 lines of text, each line a max. 25 characters long.

More Info

Scoreboard greetings are limited to 20 per game, and must be scheduled by 9am the business day prior to the desired game date, and are first come -- first served (i.e.: for a Wednesday game, the cut off would be 9am on Tuesday, for Saturday, Sunday and Monday, cutoff would be 9am on Friday.).

Cost: $75.00

*Messages may not be used for commercial purpose; advertisements, including websites, phone numbers, and social media handles and hashtags, are prohibited; however, you may welcome a group or company who is attending the game.

Messages that are obscene, offensive, or refer negatively to any NHL team are prohibited. Names of NHL players are also prohibited.

The Sharks reserve the right to remove or edit any message if necessary. If message is removed, there will be a full refund.