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The Official Site of the Florida Panthers

Stanley C. Panther

Position: Center (of attention)

Shoots: T-Shirts

Height: 6'3" (on skates)

Weight: Ton of Fun!

Age: Depends on which of my 9 lives you're talking about…

Birthplace: Big Cypress Reserve, FL

First Game: October 12, 1993 at the Miami Arena


Home: FLA Live Arena

Likes: Hockey, Winning Games, Panthers Fans, playing outside, climbing and jumping on stuff!

Dislikes: Any team other than the Panthers, grouchy people, sore losers, being called "Bear" or "Tiger" (I mean seriously, where do you see stripes?)


Sports: Take a guess…

Television: Thundercats, Animal Planet, Bally Sports Florida, NHL Network

Movies: Slapshot, The Aristocats, That Darn Cat, and Godzilla

Food: Duck Soup, Shark Steaks, Buffalo Wings, and anything from the FLA Live Arena concession stand!

Viktor E. Ratt

Position: Forward (to eating)

Shoots: Silly String

Height: Taller (on skates)

Weight: Heavy load of Fun!

Birthplace: Miami, FL

First Game: October 11, 2014 at BB&T Center


Home: FLA Live Arena

Likes: Hockey, Going out on Ice after a Panthers victory, playing outside, EATING!

Dislikes: Every team other than the Panthers, being called a mouse or Chuck E. Cheese (do you see a smile on my face?)


Sports: Ummm Hockey!

Television: Mickey Mouse Club, Bally Sports Florida, NHL Network, and FOOD Network!

Movies: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ratatouille, Slapshot, and Goon