Skeji kuz cameo

Brady Skjei better start watching his back.

The Carolina Hurricanes defenseman's teammate Evgeny Kuznetsov and his daughter, Ecenia, crashed his postgame interview with the "NHL on TNT" crew on Saturday.

After the Hurricanes Game 4 win against the New York Rangers in the Eastern Conference Second Round, Skjei chatted with the TNT crew about the victory and his game-winning goal in the third period. Kuznetsov then made a cameo as he picked up his daughter and held her up behind an oblivious Skjei.

The veteran defenseman didn’t realize the Kuznetsovs were there until TNT host Liam McHugh asked who was behind him and he turned around to see.

Good thing Skjei is more aware of his surroundings on the ice.