Savannah Bananas hockey split

Savannah Bananas fans may have had to do a double take to make sure they didn’t accidentally go to the hockey game last week.

During one of their recent “Banana Ball” baseball games – where anything and everything can happen on the field – a couple of the Bananas players brought their hockey gear to the ballpark.

With their catcher in a full goalie uniform and their pitcher taking slapshots with a hockey stick and gloves from the mound, the Bananas created a crossover that neither baseball fans nor hockey fans probably expected.

The Bananas catcher warmed up as any goalie would, then the pitcher hopped over the boards -- err, the dugout -- onto the field and made his way to the mound with his hockey stick and gloves to start the inning.

After the batter hit a short pop-up down the first base line, the catcher threw off his (goalie) mask and followed the ball the whole way through to make the impressive catch.

We might have a new Vezina Trophy favorite after that play.