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Subban shouts out Minnesota girl who goes viral for hockey skills

Kindergarten student Rylynn puts ability well beyond her years on display

by Dan O'Leary @DanOLeary25 / Staff Writer

Kindergarten. Dominate some next-level hockey drills. Repeat.

That's the life of little Rylynn, a 6-year-old Minnesota native who went viral this week for what is, for her, just another day.

Rylynn showed off her puckhandling skills on the balance board, like she always does, but a recent work caught the attention of New Jersey Devils defenseman P.K. Subban.

When Subban, who knows plenty about posting impressive workout videos on social media, shared Rylynn's work with his 954,000 followers on Instagram it garnered plenty of attention.

There is no doubting Rylynn's commitment to her craft or love for the game.

"She really likes school and is doing very well, but kindergarten means adjusting to a longer day," Rylynn's mom, Courtney, told "She tells me she just wants to hurry home and do her SuperDeker and try to beat the high score."

Subban called Rylnn "a BOSS!" in his Instagram post and it's clear he's not wrong.

Instagram from @subbanator: @lindseyvonn sent me this video and said we should connect with this young stud! This is a perfect example that no matter your age or gender, if you're determined & put in the work, sky is the limit! This girl is A BOSS... Period! How do I know? Well, I'm pretty sure I can't do that😂😂😂😂 #GirlPower

Courtney, who says she started her social media accounts to stay in touch with out-of-state family, was surprised by the attention. Rylynn now has her own Instagram page.

"I did not expect all of this to happen," Courtney, Rylynn's mom, told "It's been really cool to see."

Rylynn and her 4-year-old brother, Gunnar, who also has skill to spare, both play youth hockey in the Minnesota area.

Rylynn plays on the boys team and loves playing defense and chasing pucks.

"They have practice and three-quarters of it is drills and the last part they scrimmage. That's always her favorite part," Courtney said.

While Rylynn loves Subban and her hometown Minnesota Wild, especially goalie Devan Dubnyk and defenseman Ryan Suter, her favorite player to watch is Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin.

Rylynn's big takeaway on her newfound fame, she does after all, now have her own Instagram page, is a simple one.

"She told me 'Mom, I'm just happy that people like that I love hockey." Courtney said.

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