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Golden Knights To Test Multiple Goal Horns, Songs During Preseason

The team will decide on a permanent combination based on fans' reactions

by Dan Marrazza @GoldenKnights /

The Golden Knights' goal horn.

The Golden Knights' celebration music.

What will play over the loud speakers after the Golden Knights score goals?

This topic has been widely discussed over the past several months. Although to date, no answers have been provided.

With the Golden Knights debuting on home ice on Tuesday against the Los Angeles Kings, with no horn or music having been announced, the expectation of many was that this answer would finally be answered after Vegas scores its first goal this evening.

Vice President of Events and Entertainment Jonny Greco, however, tells us that this won't be the case. That while music will be played at T-Mobile Arena if the Golden Knights score on Tuesday, it won't necessarily be the goal horn/music the team sticks with throughout the season.

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Greco said the team is going to experiment with a variety of goal horns throughout the preseason, beginning tonight against the Kings.

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In short, the team will be monitoring how different goal horns are received, and make a decision on what to utilize during the regular season based on how fans react to the different samples.

"We are looking at all these preseason games as a phenomenal opportunity to try some things that honor the game," Greco said. "But also try some things that honor the game, but do some things that celebrate the great entertainment capital that is Las Vegas.


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"We'll also be doing a lot of things that probably will change, maybe period to period. Definitely game to game, and quite possibly, first preseason game to the home opener. It'll be trial and error.

"One of the biggest things is we don't know exactly how the great fans of Las Vegas are going to be. We have to see what they give us, and work with it. They're a big part of this. We understand this.

"We want to honor this."

What the sample goal horns and songs the team tests, Greco wouldn't say. He said none of those will be revealed until the moments after the team scores.

Total tease, right?

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Greco just said that the team wants to try a few things, perhaps outside the box, and try to land on something that matches the people of Las Vegas.

Which will be decided based on how the people of Las Vegas react to the different things the team tries.

"We're going to try some things," Greco said. "If something sticks, it might be a phenomenal, we didn't know that was going to work that well. There are a lot of happy accidents in live entertainment. There will be changes, there will be revisions. We'll analyze and make decisions based on what fans tell us.

"We listen to the fans. Not hear them. Listen.

"And then we'll react to how they feel."

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