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Garnet Hathaway on Signing with Washington

Hathaway spoke to the media Monday through teleconference about his signing with the Capitals

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The Washington Capitals announced on Monday that they had signed forward Garnet Hathaway to a four-year, $6 million contract. Hathaway participated in a media teleconference on Monday afternoon to discuss the signing.

(On what made the Capitals a good fit)

"I know a lot about the team, obviously playing against them. It's a difficult team to play against and it seemed like a good fit because we play a similar style. Obviously, it's a winning culture there too. So, it's something I'm really excited to be part of and I know no one in that room wants that to change. They want to win games and that's exciting. I can't wait to join them."

(On getting a four-year deal)

"It's amazing. It's been a dream to play in the NHL and to get a team that agreed to a four-year deal… it shows a lot of faith. I really want to make a big impact on this team and want to help them to continue to win. So, right now it's just part of the contract, but I can't wait to get started. I'm really looking forward to day one."

(On what role he thinks he'll play with the Capitals)

"I think they've built this team so well, I don't think there's a void that you can really point at. I want to go and complement the guys that are there right now. You've got a lot of skill, you've got a lot of scoring and they have guys that are tough and play a physical game. So, I want to continue on the growth I have in my career right now and I want to continue to be hard to play against. That's something I really hope I can help them with."

(On potentially playing on the penalty kill)

"We definitely talked about it. It's something I take a lot of pride in in my game. I think this past year I learned a lot about it. I worked a lot on the penalty kill. So, right now I think that's a role I would really like to take on. Obviously, we spoke a bit about it, every team… you always want to get better at your penalty kill. I think if that's a spot they want to improve, I hope I can be a part of it."

(On how his physical style of play fits with the Capitals' roster construction)

"We definitely discussed it, on how they built the roster so far. Those guys are though guys to play against. That, plus you see the skill that's on the team already, the culture that's in the room and the organization, I want to add to that physicality. It's something we talked about and it's something I'm looking forward to playing on the same side with. You don't want to be hit by [Radko Gudas, Tom Wilson and Alex Ovechkin], so it's going to make practice pretty fun, but it's going to make the games even more fun."

(On his path to the NHL)

"It was a journey, that's for sure. I was really fortunate enough to get friends and family and coaches and teammates to help me along the way. You see a lot of guys that have unique paths to get there and get to the NHL. I think if you had told me when I was coming out of Brown, I probably would've chuckled and then tried to prove you right. It's a dream come true. It's pretty surreal right now. I've been flooded with a lot of calls and texts from people who helped me. I'm trying to reach out, I still have to do more, but to thank them because I didn't get here alone. I can't say that enough. I'm excited to get down to D.C. and start playing."

(On specific people that helped him reach the NHL and when he felt like he "made it")

"That's a little bit of a loaded question because I'm not satisfied right now. I just joined a new organization and even now more than ever I want to continue to prove the growth I have in my game and that I belong. So, while mentioning who helped me along the way, I don't think you guys have enough time in the day for me to mention everyone. I've had lot of coaches that helped me throughout my time in [the AHL]. I can't name all my teammates and then I think the big one is my whole family. They're my support group and they're the ones who have been my biggest fans along the way. From trainers to skating coaches to skills coaches to everyone in an organization or anyone that's helped me out throughout a team it's… I don't want to start with one because I feel bad leaving people out."

For the full audio of Hathaway's teleconference click here. 

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