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A Natitude Party

The World Series Champions continued their celebrations with the Capitals

by Taryn Bray @tarynbray /

It wasn't another Stanley Cup celebration, but it was probably the next best thing. 

The World Series Champions Washington Nationals had themselves an epic night at Capital One Arena on Sunday. The entire team was honored on the ice pregame with the Commissioner's trophy in hand for a big group photo with the Caps.

To kick off the festivities before the game, Ryan Zimmerman read off the starting lineup in the Capitals locker room and after he did, Adam Eaton joined the party with the World Series trophy and.....AN OSHIE CHUG! 

Tweet from @TJOshie77: Perfect form!!

Tweet from @Nationals: When in Rome, do as the Romans do.When in Title Town, USA, do as the #CHAMPS do.#FIGHTFINISHED // #LegendaryMoments

Tweet from @Capitals: Step into the locker room pregame with the @Nationals Truly Legendary.#ALLCAPS #FIGHTFINISHED

Quite the way to start off the night. Hats off to Adam Eaton. 

Speaking of hats off, Jakub Vrana scored his first career hat trick and you better believe the Nats went crazy. Spraying beer and throwing their hats into the crowd, they were just as pumped up as the Caps were.

Tweet from @Capitals: Ya love to see it

After a couple (or many) more beers were consumed, a couple of the Nats hopped on the Giant Fan Mobile during the 2nd intermission to ride around the ice with the trophy. 

What started off as a (relatively) tame ride, turned into a shirtless triumph in front of the crowd. 

Tweet from @Capitals: Before ---> After #ALLCAPS @Nationals

After the Capitals downed the Flames, the party continued. The Nats all filed into the locker room as beers were passed out and dance parties began (yes, Calma was played). 

Tweet from @Nationals: Alexa, play "Calma" by @pedrocapo ft. Brian Dozier, @JVranaa and the #WorldSeries champion Washington Nationals.#ALLCAPS // #FIGHTFINISHED

At one point, the two teams were arm in arm singing "We Are the Champions". 

Tweet from @Capitals: Champions.#ALLCAPS @Nationals

Oh yeah and Captain our pup finally met his biggest fan: Sean Doolittle!

Tweet from @CapsPup: meet my new best frend @whatwouldDOOdo

You probably thought the party ended there, right? WRONG. They found their way on the ice and just have to see for yourself:

Tweet from @NBCSCapitals: The Nats wandered onto the ice late last night and it was gold.

It was truly an unforgettable night. 

Tweet from @Capitals: Unforgettable night.#ALLCAPS @Nationals

Tweet from @Nationals: This season...This month...This week...This night...All filled with #LegendaryMoments.#CHAMPS // #FIGHTFINISHED

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