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Getting To Know: Nick Leivermann

The defenseman is committed to play college hockey at Notre Dame in the future

by Erin Hodges /

Nick Leivermann, the 5-foot-11, 194-pound defenseman out of Edina, Minnesota, is one of the newest additions to the Colorado Avalanche after being drafted 187th overall in Round 7 of the 2017 NHL Draft in Chicago. 

This past season, Leivermann played in 21 games as the team captain for the Eden Prairie High School Eagles, registering 34 points with 10 goals and 14 assists. He also played eight games in the United States Hockey League with the Bloomington Thunder, where he scored one goal. 

Next year, the 18-year-old is set to be on the roster for the Penticton Vees of the British Columbia Hockey League, the former team of the Avalanche's 2016 first-round draft pick Tyson Jost. After that, he has signed a letter of intent to play for the University of Notre Dame in 2018-19. talked with Leivermann about being drafted, playing hockey in Minnesota and his future at Notre Dame. 

Did you watch the draft and how did you hear about being drafted by the Avalanche? 

"Funny story actually. I was on the couch with my mom watching the TV, and there was a really bad storm in Minnesota that day, so the TV kept coming in and out. We heard 'from Eden Prairie, Minnesota,' and then the TV cut out. So, we didn't know exactly who it was, but we assumed it was me since there weren't many kids on my team who were maybe going to get drafted. Then I got a bunch of texts like six seconds later saying congratulations." 

How old were you when you first started skating? 

"I would say around 3 or 4 years old. I started early. Growing up in Minnesota, everyone starts early there and you got to start somewhere--probably on a pond or backyard rink." 

Did you have a backyard rink growing up? 

"I do. My dad sets it up every winter, and it did nothing but improve my skills." 

What were your thoughts going into the draft? Did you have any gut feelings of who might take you? 

"I had talked with a couple of teams here and there like Calgary and Winnipeg. I had no idea exactly, and I didn't know when I would go. Just being drafted by an organization like Colorado makes it that much better. I am very excited, and I am happy with what the future holds." 

What is your favorite hockey memory? 

"When I was young, and we won the Fargo International Tournament for our squirt team. Then this year (senior year) on my high school team, we played in the Hockey Day Minnesota outdoor game. It was surreal. It was one of the most special things I've done and just doing it with the kids you grew up with is something special."

What led to your decision to commit to Notre Dame?

"I think it is just a great school for both academics and hockey. I was talking with a couple other schools like Wisconsin and Harvard, and it just fit me the best. Location wise as well; my family can come visit and watch as much as they want." 

What is your favorite pre-game meal?

"Probably Jimmy Johns. I take it easy and get the No. 1 (Pepe), no tomatoes--a pretty plain sandwich. It's a good go-to meal before a game. I would say nine-tenths of our team gets it before heading to the rink."

And chips? Barbeque or plain? 


Do you have any pre-game routines or superstitions?

"I have a pretty weird one. I'm No. 4, and I do everything in fours. When I clap, I do it in fours, tap my feet, just weird things like that. When I get to the rink and I tape my sticks, I do it four times. 

What is your favorite place that you have traveled to?

"I would say anywhere out east in the United States. I love everything out east. I love New York; my aunt lives in New York, so that makes it surreal when we are there. Besides that, I love to travel to Mexico with family." 

What is the most used app on your phone?

"Let's say Instagram or Twitter. I check them pretty frequently."

If you want to follow Nick, check him out on social media:

Twitter: @N_Leivermann

Instagram: @leivy4

What is your favorite drink?

"On an everyday basis, it's got to be water. But, there's nothing I love more than a chocolate milk after a workout."

Coke or Pepsi?

"Pepsi, of course."

What is the single best day on the calendar?


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