The Vancouver Canucks made news with changes to their coaching staff on Wednesday afternoon.

Yogi Švejkovský was promoted to the Assistant Coach role while Daniel and Henrik Sedin will see more of a role on the staff while continuing to work with the AHL club in Abbotsford.

Following two seasons with the Canucks as a Skills Coach, Švejkovský now moves to the bench and will continue to use his strengths of connecting with players as well as his view of the game and how plays develop.

Canucks Head Coach Rick Tocchet likes the energy Švejkovský brings to the group and that the players respect him and look to him for guidance. Tocchet raved about Švejkovský’s work ethic and other traits that he brings to the ice and the video room.

“I like the way he has come up with some new ideas. I see the workability he has with Millsy, Huggy, Petey, Lindholm, all these guys, Garland, they trust him," said Tocchet. “I see the interaction with that. That’s important when you have a guy that's going to handle a system on your team.”

Daniel and Henrik Sedin will have their roles enhanced and Tocchet spoke a bit about how that decision came to fruition.

“I think that I'm going to use their knowledge even more,” said Tocchet about the Sedins. “I think they're more comfortable to dive into it more. For the same thing, team systems, they're starting to understand what I want. They're going to take a little bit of a bigger chunk of it, I think they feel comfortable doing that now, before, I think they liked coming along slowly and I think that they're willing to take a little bit more bite of the apple for us.”

The staff currently features Rick Tocchet, Adam Foote, Yogi Švejkovský, Ian Clark, Daniel Sedin, Henrik Sedin, and Sergei Gonchar.

Adding to the Švejkovský and Sedins news, the team has promoted Ian Beckenstein from the Abbotsford Canucks, where he served as the Video Coach for three seasons. He will join the Vancouver Canucks as an Assistant Video Coach.

Beckenstein has been with the Canucks organization since 2021 after he joined the organization from the Lac St-Louis Lions of the QMAAA.