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Show Us What You Got, Red Wings Fans!

Hey Hockeytown! Help us celebrate the return of Red Wings hockey! Take advantage of one or more of the following content ideas, and we might just feature you in our marketing efforts for the 2021 season!

Simply submit a creative photo or a video of you and your friends or family participating! Let's Go Red Wings!

Tap Your Stick

Fans know that a tap of hockey sticks between players, on the ice or against the boards, is a sign of approval or applause. We want to see your "stick tap!" Send us a short video of you, your team or your family and friends tapping your hockey sticks to celebrate the start of Red Wings hockey and the countless frontline heroes that continue to serve our community and keep us safe!

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Drop The Puck

Please send us a video of you or your family and friends "dropping the puck" on the season! We will feature the best submissions in the longest puck drop ever of Red Wings fans.


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LGRW Chant

We hope to welcome fans back to Little Caesars Arena soon. In the meantime, we want to cheer on the Red Wings with you from home! Send us a video of you performing the "Let's Go Red Wings" chant. We just might feature your chant this season!


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Wings In The Wild

Have you spotted the Red Wings logo in a non-traditional place? On a garage door near your neighbor's house? Do you have a friend with a Red Wings-themed basement or bedroom? Help us find the Winged Wheel in the wild and submit a photo here!

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