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Rogers Place offers the widest variety and highest quality of premium seating in the sports and entertainment industry. Licensed Premium Seating is made available on multi-year terms and includes the exclusive Chairman's Club and highly popular Scotiabank Suites, Theatre Boxes and PCL Loge Seating.
These Premium Seating products are fully subscribed and in great demand. To ensure those who are interested in Premium Seats have access to them in the fairest way possible when they become available, we have created four separate Premium Seat Registries.
The Premium Registries cover each of our licensed Premium products. When Premium Seat licenses become available, they will be offered exclusively to members of the respective Premium Registries in Member priority order.
Now is your opportunity to reserve your place on the roster(s) for the multi-year purchase of Premium Seats at Rogers Place. By registering for the Premium Seat Registries, you will be eligible to purchase Premium Seat licenses as they become available.
Please note, to limit membership in the Premium Registries to those who are most interested in purchasing the products, a one-time refundable Registration Fee of $500 plus an annual non-refundable Administration Fee of $100 apply.
Sign up for any or all of the four Premium Registries below.
If you are interested in single event rentals of Premium Seating at Rogers Place, please visit our Premium Insider page.
If you are interested in Oilers Season Seats, please visit our Oilers Season Seat Registry page.


The Basics

  • A one-time Registration Fee of $500 per account is required to join each Premium Seat Registry. The registration fee is refundable and will be applied towards your future purchase of Premium Seats.
  • A non-refundable Administration Fee of $100 per account is required annually, which is due upon joining each Premium Seat Registry and is not applied against future purchases.
  • If you decline to pay the administration fee in any year, you will automatically be removed from that Premium Seat Registry.
  • You will receive a priority number indicating your priority position on each Premium Seat Registry that you have joined.
  • When Premium Seat licences in Rogers Place become available to purchase, members will be contacted by a Premium Services team member. Premium Seat Registry members may decline seats if the selection does not meet their criteria and still retain their priority rank on the list.
  • Your position on each Premium Seat Registry is non-transferable, other than within your immediate family.


Thanks to fan support throughout Oil Country, Premium Seats are over-subscribed. The Premium Seat Registries were created to provide an organized and fair process for fans to have access to Premium Seats at Rogers Place should they become available.

Please click on the link for the product(s) you are interested in and have your credit card on-hand. An initial $500 Registration Fee will be charged per account per Premium Registry and applied to any future Premium Seat purchases (not applicable to existing Premium Seat Holders). Additionally, a $100 Administration Fee will be charged per account per Premium Registry annually. 

You do not need to decide upon the number of products/seats you wish to purchase at this time. This decision may be made once given the opportunity to purchase. At this time, limits will be determined on an annual basis. 

A $500 one-time Registration Fee is charged upon initial registration to join each Premium Registry. This fee is applied to your Premium Seats when you exercise your opportunity to purchase. The Registration Fee is refundable at any time. The Registration Fee is waived for existing Premium Seat Holders wishing to purchase additional Premium Seats. 

A $100 Administration Fee is assessed annually per Premium Registry on active accounts to ensure continued interest and to provide customer service to Premium Seat Registry members. 

The fees are required to confirm the interest that members have in purchasing Premium Seats at Rogers Place. The Registration Fee also acts as an initial installment towards the Premium Seats. 

The number of Premium Seats that become available to Premium Seat Registry members will of course depend upon the rate at which current Premium Seat Holders renew as well as the number of Premium Seat Registry members purchase ahead of you. Although we cannot tell you how long it will take to receive access to seats, we can keep you informed of your progress through the Premium Seat Registry. 

You can remove your name from the Premium Seat Registry at any time and receive a full refund on your Registration Fee. All Administration Fees are non-refundable. 

Your position on the Premium Seat Registry can only be transferred to members of your immediate family. 

You may decline the Premium Seats offered and retain your priority ranking on the Premium Seat Registry. 

A person/company/account is permitted one (1) Premium Registry spot per product at a time. Anyone found attempting to circumvent this limit will have their Registry positions cancelled without notice. Please note you may belong to each of the following Registries once, but may not have more than one spot per Registry:

Premium Seat Registries

  • Chairman's' Club Registry
  • Scotiabank Suites Registry
  • Theatre Boxes Registry
  • PCL Loge Tables and Ledge Registry

Oilers Season Seat Registry