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How to buy and sell tickets: NHL Ticket Exchange  

Tickets may be posted for sale using your Oilers Account Manager via NHL Ticket Exchange - Ticketmaster's Verified Fan-to-Fan Resale, the only safe, secure and authorized site for the resale of Oilers tickets. Tickets that have been posted for resale will appear on the Oilers page, accessible through the Oilers website.


To post tickets for sale, simply:

1. Log in to your Oilers Account Manager with your Account ID and password.

2. Click on Manage My Tickets.

3. Select the game.

4. Select the Sell Tickets button, check the box next to the tickets you wish to sell and click Post for Sale.

5. Enter your preferred posting price and expiration date. Click Continue.

6. Verify the information and click Submit Listing.


Helpful tips:

Oilers Season Seats are priced below retail price, please consider this prior to setting your posting price when re-selling your seats. You may want to review pricing of other available tickets before setting your price.


The three options for price setting include:

  • Fixed Price: Name your price. It won't change until you say so.
  • Declining Price: You set the starting price, and the system will automatically decrease in increments daily until tickets sell.
  • Market Price: You set the starting price, and the system will automatically adjust the price daily based on other sales activity within your section.