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"There have been so many great franchises and so many great teams all the way to the Red Wings in the 50s, the Canadiens, the Islanders, the Penguins, the list goes on and on, like the Flyers of the 70s. It's hard to pick one team that's better than another team. But for the fans to vote for us, it's a great honour. It's something we're very proud of as a team and an organization, and obviously the city of Edmonton is a big part of that and a big part of the success of that team. We feel very honoured we were voted the number one team." - Wayne Gretzky




The Oilers lost a member of the 1984-85 Oilers this past June, as Dave Semenko passed away at the age of 59 after a brief, courageous battle with cancer. We remember the man, the father, the teammate, the friend.

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