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2017-18 Orange & Blue Ice Crew


Where and when are the Orange & Blue Ice Crew auditions being held?

Auditions will be held at Rogers Place on Saturday, July 29th. Registration will open at 10am in Ford Hall.


What does the Orange & Blue Ice Crew do?

The Orange & Blue Ice Crew is a co-ed interactive group that represents the Edmonton Oilers organization at games, events, and appearances throughout the community. The role is that of a highly-professional brand ambassador primarily responsible for making sure our fans have the best experience possible! At games, the team assists with on-ice and in-bowl activities, contests, and promotions (t-shirt tosses, prize giveaways, etc.), and is also responsible for skating on the ice to remove snow build-up during television timeouts.

Do I need to know how to skate?

Not all members of the Orange and Blue Ice Crew will be on the ice, as this team will also be responsible for off-ice activations throughout Rogers Place and surrounding community. Applicants need not be professionally trained (hockey, figure, etc.), but a strong skating ability allows us the flexibility to have you in skating and non-skating roles, and will be considered a strong asset. Please note: Orange & Blue Ice Crew members are required to wear hockey skates when performing duties on ice. So, those accustomed to wearing figure skates are strongly encouraged to practice adjusting to hockey skates before the auditions.

I'm a guy…is this job just for girls?

Absolutely not! The team is co-ed (guys and girls). Our guys perform most of the same duties as our girls.

How old do I have to be to attend the auditions?

You must be at least 18 years of age.

What makes a good Orange & Blue Ice Crew member / What is the hiring committee looking for?

First and foremost, Orange & Blue Ice Crew members are our brand ambassadors, so they all need to represent our team and our organization in the most positive and professional way possible. The judges are looking for all of the following: outgoing personality; good energy; positive attitude; strong teamwork skills; professionalism; poise; strong communication skills; strong work ethic; reliability; approachability; and comfort taking part in interactive contests and showcasing your own individual personality and enthusiasm in front of thousands of fans.

What should I wear to the auditions?

GIRLS: Please dress comfortably. Athletic-style yoga pants or leggings, a t-shirt/tank-top, and athletic-style footwear.

GUYS: Please dress comfortably. Athletic-style shorts or warm-up pants, a t-shirt/sleeveless shirt, and athletic footwear.

How should I wear my makeup and hair for the auditions?

Please note that hair and makeup as well as a groomed appearance are an essential part of this role. Girls are highly encouraged to arrive to auditions with full makeup and styled hair - think "girls night out"! Hair should be worn down (i.e.: straightened/backcombed/curled, etc.) and not hiding your face.

Guys should be clean-shaven and/or have "groomed" facial hair.

No hats for guys or girls during the auditions.

What do I need to bring to the auditions?

Completed waiver

  • Photo/headshot - does not need to be professional. (These will NOT be returned)
  • Current resume
  • Hockey skates (if applicable)
  • Water, drinks, and snacks
  • Personal items you may need (makeup, brush, etc.)

Can I bring friends and family to watch the auditions?

No. Auditions will be closed to public viewing.

What happens at the auditions?

You will be taking part in a variety of icebreakers and interactive challenges along with some improv! Skaters will participate in a 1 hour skating session. We will then make some cuts before moving onto the final interview rounds.

What should I do to prepare for auditions?

  • Complete the online application form and RSVP online for the auditions
  • Print and complete the waiver online and bring it with you to the auditions
  • Practice skating in hockey skates with particular emphasis on: stopping and starting, graceful/smooth/comfortable form, controlled turns, and balance (Orange & Blue Ice Crew team members will need to use large snow shovels, buckets, carry props, etc.).
  • Study your Oilers and general hockey knowledge, with particular emphasis on the rules of the game, and the Edmonton Oilers team/organization.


Do I have to RSVP online?

It is strongly encouraged that you RSVP online. Although walk-ups will be allowed to participate, in the event that we reach maximum capacity for the auditions, those who have submitted an RSVP online will be given priority to participate in the auditions.

CLICK HERE to Apply and RSVP online.

Is being a member of the Orange & Blue Ice Crew a full-time job? / What is the time commitment?

No. Most Orange & Blue Ice Crew members attend college and/or have other part-time jobs. However, being a member of the Orange & Blue Ice Crew will require a flexible schedule as well as a commitment to being available for nearly ALL home games, various practices & events, and 75% of outside appearances. Call time for games is a minimum of 2.5 hours prior to puck drop (not all members work every game). Orange & Blue Ice Crew members should plan for 12-25 hours of work per week on average. Hours will vary based on the Edmonton Oilers event and hockey schedule.

Do Orange & Blue Ice Crew members get paid?

Yes. This is a fun, part-time job, and Orange & Blue Ice Crew members are paid an hourly rate for all games, events, and appearances worked.

Does the Orange & Blue Ice Crew travel with the team?

No. Orange & Blue Ice Crew members only work home games and events in the greater Edmonton area. From time-to-time, additional travel-related opportunities do come up in other parts of Alberta.

Do Orange & Blue Ice Crew members get to meet/hang out with the team/players?

Absolutely not. As with most professional teams across the various leagues there are very strict rules and regulations prohibiting fraternization with the team, players, coaches, and officials. There is a zero tolerance policy in place.