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Oilers Hockey Institute is intended to challenge an athlete both physically and mentally, helping them reach their hockey goals. Each session is led by world class instructors and will include on and off ice components that incorporate video analysis and nutrition/training tips. This program is not recommended for athletes who do not already possess a strong technical skill base.

The sessions will be structured around overall themes, which will be highly relevant for today's game of hockey. All drills and concepts will be related to the sessional theme to ensure a clear and beneficial progression of skills. Universal skill development is always valuable; however, as athletes progress through the developmental curve, purposeful and game applicable skill development becomes integral to individual growth.


On-ice instruction will be led by a combination of elite level coaches, local NHL alumni, and former CHL & CIS hockey players. Off-ice instruction will include support from Edmonton Oilers Coaching and Player Development staff, as well as the Oilers Strength and Conditioning team.  

Lead Instructors


Goalie Instructors


Exclusive Rogers Place Access:

  • Rogers Place Downtown Community Arena
  • Edmonton Oilers Video Room & Gym

On Ice:

  • The sessional themes and concepts will include, but are not limited to:
    • Technical skills - shooting/passing in stride, agility and transitional skating, passing and moving
    • Body Positioning - puck protection, net drives, down-low play, initiating contact and shoulder checks
    • Vision and Awareness - passing lanes, puck support, shooting lanes, defensive positions
    • Small Areas Games - 1v1, 2v1, 3v2 
    • Goaltending - 1-on-1 instruction that covers the fundamentals and several advanced techniques

Video Sessions:

  • The video review component will be utilized as a "pre-ice" session to outline drills and concepts to the athletes before entering the ice surface. This pre-ice setup will ensure that the athletes understand all details before-hand, which will increase the on-ice tempo and each athlete's ability to perform new skills and concepts.
  • The video review component will also incorporate relevant NHL/WHL video clips, to ensure that the athletes understand how all sessional drills and concepts apply to in-game situations.

Dryland Training: This includes proper preparation for pre-game warmup, post-game recovery, cool down, regeneration and nutrition.

  • Off-ice sessions will take place either prior to the ice session or post-ice, with specific focus on essential movement foundations and abilities that are vital to skill acquisition. This includes proper preparation for pre-game warm up and post-game recovery, cool down, regeneration and nutrition.
  • As the player moves along through the weeks there will be stability training and assessments to determine what areas need more focus. To finish off the program, there will be exercises shown to help with quickness, reaction and overall hockey conditioning for your personal at home training program. 

OHI Apparel:

  • OHI jersey and t-shirt.


Oilers Hockey Institute is designed to offer hockey programming in various streams and across all skill sets. Select your age category below to see which program options are available. Please note that if the registration is closed, we are not currently offering that stream of hockey programming. We encourage you to check back as we're aiming to offer as many programs as possible.

Please note that camp cancellations can be made without penalty up to one week prior to the first session. Any cancellations past this date will result in a charge of 10% of the registration fee.

More camps will be coming soon, so please stay tuned for the latest program information!

For futher questions please contact