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Taylor Hall emerges as victor in battle with Brodeur and Kevin Smith

The Devils MVP and Hall of Famer joined Kevin Smith for the live stream and a game of PUBG

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Taylor Hall, Martin Brodeur and Kevin Smith battled for PUBG supremacy today at Prudential Center. In the end, it was Taylor Hall who was the ultimate winner of the evening. 

Tweet from @NJDevils: .@hallsy09 is tonight���s winner!

Take a look back at some of the highlights and check back here as we add more!


Smith had a chance to chat with his idol Brodeur before the event.

"It's my day off so I get to pick the things I get to do on my day off so even though we're playing games I wanted to stop, take a moment and talk to the Hall of Famer Martin Brodeur," said Smith. "Back when I was playing hockey - and people say, 'ice?' No, we played on the street - I was a goalie, you were absolutely the model. My Devils fandom period runs through most of your career. You were the face, and still are, of the organization. If there was a Mount Rushmore of Devils you're definitely the first up there. Where does it begin? When did you decide, 'I want to play hockey' and at that age, did you realize, I could do it as a grown up?"

Video: Actor Kevin Smith with Martin Brodeur

Brodeur said it was instilled in him as a Canadian. 

"As a kid growing up in Canada, Montreal, like everybody you're almost born on skates. I just love the game. I was a forward to start, learned to skate then became a goalie when I was seven or eight years old and just became like any other kid. I followed my dream and loved the Montreal Canadiens. I just wanted to play hockey."

Smith used the topic of origins to talk about his New Jersey upbringing. 

"I was born in New Jersey so I had no choice, but you chose New Jersey and continue to choose Jersey. That's actually a pretty nice commercial for the state itself," Smith remarked. 

"There's so much to enjoy here," Brodeur responded. "Being so close to the city, close to the shore, the quality of people. It's been great for me and my family."

Tweet from @NJDevils: Taylor Hall on how his injury recovery is going.

In addition to some fun sequences, there was some news broken today as Hall mentioned going for an MRI today for his injured knee. The results were encouraging and he expects to start skating soon. 

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