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Skating Pro-Time | StarCenter


  • Private skating lessons are permitted during Skating Pro-Time sessions.

  • Skating Pro-Time sessions will be scheduled as standalone sessions.

  • Students and coaches must pay for their session time at the front desk before taking the ice. 

  • Skating Pro-Time sessions are designed for lower level skaters and hockey players working on developing skating skills. Jumps and spins are limited. No full rotation jumps or any spins other than uprights are permitted. 

  • No more than (2) students at one time may receive instruction. No group lessons or group classes may be taught during Skating Pro-Time sessions. 

  • Sticks, pucks, cones, harnesses, buckets or any other training aids are not permitted during Skating Pro-Time sessions.

  • No electronic devices allowed on the ice at any time, this includes all cell phones, cameras, headphones or Bluetooth music devices. 

  • The overhead sound system is not to be used during Skating Pro-Time sessions to play students individual program music. 

  • Professionals will not be permitted to carry children or other items while teaching on Skating Pro-Time sessions. 

  • Students will not be permitted to sit on the dasher boards, in the penalty boxes or in the player's benches. 

  • Professionals will be required to abide by the Professional Instructor's Responsibility Code. 

Failure to use good judgement and responsibility, or to follow the Responsibility Code will result in loss of skating privileges and repeat offense will result in the immediate termination of coaching privileges.


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