Friends Of The Finns


The Dallas Stars Foundation, created in 1998, focuses its efforts on providing support to the youth skating community within the Dallas/Forth Worth area StarCenters, so they may lead quality lives and have the opportunity to succeed at their respective sports.

In partnership with the Dallas Stars Foundation, the Friends of the Finns Youth Hockey Scholarship was created by Miro Heiskanen, Esa Lindell and Roope Hintz to provide monetary assistance and support for youth hockey players in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Application Cute-Off Date

Grant Month

June 10
August 12
February 20

To be considered for the scholarship, please complete and submit the information below:

  1. Essay from player on why they love hockey and want to continue playing.
  2. Letter of recommendation from a teacher or school representative explaining why the nominee deserves the scholarship.
  3. Parent/Guardian comments explaining how the scholarship would help their family.

If chosen as a scholarship recipient, the scholarship will be paid directly to the recipient's local facility to be applied toward classes and league programs, or paid directly to a specified local equipment provider to be applied toward the purchase of equipment.

Please know, applications must be completed in full. Incomplete submissions will NOT be accepted. Employees of the Dallas Stars and their children are not eligible for application.

The Dallas Stars Foundation is committed to aiding as many applicants as possible. However, due to the large number of applications and our limited resources, we are not able to award a Scholarship to all applicants.