Downloading The App

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Using The Mobile Wallet

The Dallas Stars mobile wallet allows fans to store payment information to simplify and expedite the food, beverage and merchandise-buying process. Once you've added your credit card information into your wallet, let the staff at the Hangar or concession stand know you'll be paying with your mobile wallet, and then scan the QR code to complete your transaction.


Victory Club Members who are logged into their account within the app will see their discount card automatically populate and the benefits will be directly applied to their purchase at checkout.


Yes! Be sure to log into your ticket account within the app. This will assure your VCM discount card auto populates within the app wallet and will be automatically applied to your purchase when you scan the QR code at the register.


No. Your phone's mobile wallet is a different function than the mobile wallet accessed through the app. Anything saved into your phone's mobile wallet will not be visible within the app. You can add the same or new forms of payment into the app wallet at your convenience.


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