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Welcome to the 2019-20 Ticket Trade Program

We understand that attending every game at SAP Center might not be possible, and based on member feedback in recent years, we know there needs to be some level of flexibility to your membership. With the new Ticket Trade Program, you have that flexibility!  

Sharks365 members can now use the Sharks + SAP Center mobile app to return tickets they are unable to use, transfer, or sell for credits that can be applied towards any of the following:

  • Additional tickets to select games
  • Seat upgrades at games you're attending
  • Exclusive experiences at other games throughout the season. *Based on availability  

In order to take advantage of this benefit, Sharks365 members must have the Sharks + SAP Center app downloaded on their smartphone. 


Tickets are eligible for return via the Ticket Trade Program up to 7 days in advance of that game's puck drop. As an example, if a member wishes to return their tickets for the December 3 game against Washington, that return must be completed through the Sharks365 Ticket Trade section of the mobile app by 7:30PM PT on Tuesday, November 26.

In exchange for tickets returned, members will receive an amount of credits equivalent to the price paid for each ticket returned. These credits can then be redeemed via the Sharks + SAP Center app for tickets to select games , seat upgrades, and/or exclusive fan experiences like Zamboni rides or a seat in the penalty box for warm-ups! *Based on availability  

The new Ticket Trade Program is a tenure-based benefit, which as shown in the chart below, gives members with the most tenure the ability to exchange the most tickets. 

25+ Years 20 to 24 Years 5 to 19 Years 0 to 4 Years
Return ticket(s) for up to 7 Games Return ticket(s) for up to 5 Games Return ticket(s) for up to 4 Games Return ticket(s) for up to 3 Games

To confirm your years of tenure, please contact your Client Development Account Executive.

Want more information? Keep reading for a step-by-step tutorial on how to utilize this program or visit the FAQ section for answers to the most frequently asked questions.




Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Ticket Trade Program?
A: This new tenure-based benefit allows you to return regular season Sharks game tickets you can't use in exchange for credit(s) that can be used to purchase fan experiences, seat upgrades and/or additional tickets to a future game.

Q: How do I return my tickets for credit(s)?
A: Download the Sharks + SAP Center Mobile app, tap the Arena icon at the bottom of your screen, log in with the email address tied to your Sharks365 account and then tap the 'Return Tickets' button to select the game(s) for which you'd like to return your ticket(s).

Q: Is there a limit to how many times I can return game tickets?
A: Yes - and those limits are based on Sharks365 member tenure and outlined below. If you are unsure of your tenure, please call your client development account executive. 

Q: How does credit amount get determined?
A: The value of the tickets you select to return is equal to the Sharks365 member rate for that game ticket.  

Q: What is the deadline for returning my seats?
A: Tickets can be returned anytime between now and seven (7) days prior to the designated game. Once we are within seven days of a game, the return feature can no longer be accessed for that game. As an example, if you wish to return your tickets for the January 27 game against Anaheim, you must do so on or before 11:59PM PT on Monday, January 20.

Q: If I transfer my tickets to someone else who winds up transferring the tickets back to me, can I still return those for credit?
A: If someone else accepts your ticket transfer, a new barcode is generated which nullifies the ability to return that ticket(s), regardless of whether the ticket(s) are transferred back to you. If, however, the transfer is cancelled, you will still have the ability to return the ticket(s).

Q: When I return my tickets, what happens to my seats?
A: Your seats are returned to the available ticket inventory to allow other fans the opportunity to upgrade or add on seats for that particular game.

Q: Am I able to "un-return" my tickets to use, transfer and/or sell them on the secondary market?
A: All 'Return Tickets' transactions are final and cannot be undone.

Q: If I only plan on using two of my four seats for a given game, can I return the other two seats?
A: Of course! As a Sharks365 member, you get to choose which seats to which games you return.

Q: Can I return games over the phone or through email?
A: All Ticket Trade Program transactions must be done through the 'Return Tickets' function in the Sharks + SAP Center app. If you do not have a smart phone or other device, please contact your Client Development Account Executive at your earliest convenience.

Q: How can I verify my credit balance?
A: All credit balances can be viewed in the 'Fan Hub'. This hub can be found by selecting the Arena icon at the bottom of your screen within the Sharks + SAP Center app and then logging in with the email address associated with your Sharks365 account.

Q: How do I redeem my credits for seat upgrades, fan experiences, and/or additional tickets to a future game?
A: After opening the Sharks + SAP Center app and selecting Arena in the main menu at the bottom of the screen, you can then select an upcoming game(s) and your preferred fan experience or seat upgrade. All available credit will automatically be applied to the purchase. Fan Experiences will be available while supplies last until 48 hours prior to the game with seat upgrades available until 30 minutes prior to puck drop.

Q: Can I redeem credit(s) for cash value?
A: Credits received for ticket returns are a "virtual currency" only and cannot be redeemed for cash. In addition, credits do not have a cash value and cannot be used for merchandise or concession purchases.

Q: I see an "Add Tickets" button - what is that?
A: 'Add Tickets' is a new mobile feature that allows Sharks365 members to add on additional seats for a future game if/when inventory is available. You can use this feature at any time during the regular season for any game where you hold valid season tickets.

Q: Where will my new seats be located?
A: Because inventory is different for each game, available seat locations will vary from game to game.

Q: Can I buy additional seats for friends & family, but keep my original seats?
A: Absolutely! Within the Sharks + SAP Center app, you will have the option of exchanging your seats so the entire group can sit together or to just purchase additional seats for your guests while keeping your original seats.

Q: How much will the additional seats cost?
A: Ticket prices will vary from game-to-game and from section to section. You will be able to see the per-seat pricing before making your purchase. Additionally, if/when you are exchanging tickets, you will only pay the difference between the total cost of your original seats and the total cost of your new seats. If you do not have sufficient credit to complete the transaction, you are welcome to use a credit or debit card to cover the remaining balance.

Q: If I have no credits, can I still purchase additional seats?
A: Of course! Once you have gotten to the payment screen, simply input your debit or credit card information as prompted.

Q: When I change seat locations, what should I show to the usher if s/he asks to verify my seats?
A: Your new seat locations and ticket barcodes can be found in the Fan Hub or in Account Manager. After presenting these, the usher may ask you to press the 'Staff Validation' button to verify your seats.

Q: Can I purchase a seat upgrade after choosing to Add Tickets?
A: Yes! You can purchase seat upgrades anytime between now and 30 minutes prior to puck drop by clicking 'Shop Now' in the Fan Hub. Once there, you will be able to view all available inventory and select your seats.

Q: Can I purchase additional seats using partial credit and partial credit card payment?
A: You certainly can! Once you're at the checkout screen, all available credit will be applied first and you will be prompted to enter your debit or credit card for the remaining balance.

Q: How can I earn credit?
A: Credit is offered for any seats that are exchanged using the 'Return Tickets' feature in the Sharks + SAP Center app. 'Return Tickets' can be accessed by downloading the Sharks + SAP Center app, tapping the Arena icon at the bottom of your screen, and logging in with the email address tied to your Sharks365 account.

Q: Can I use my credits toward Stanley Cup Playoff tickets?
A: Credits will be valid only for regular season games. Be sure you use yours on or before Saturday, April 4 when your San Jose Sharks play host to the Anaheim Ducks!

Q: If I don't use my credits, can I use them towards the 2020 season? 
A: No, your credits cannot be rolled over. They must be used during the 2019-20 regular season.