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Suite Owner FAQs

Can Citrix Suite Holders bring their own food and beverages into the suite?
No. Aramark is the exclusive Food and Beverage provider for the Citrix Suites. All F & B arrangements must be coordinated with the suites catering office at 408-999-5999 -

Where do Citrix Suite Holders park? 
With an appropriate Citrix Suite Holder parking pass, spaces will be available in either Lots A, B, C or D. There is limited parking in Lot D. Click here for a parking map.

Do Citrix Suite Holders have a dedicated entrance? 
Yes. They are located to the left of both North and South entrances. Look for the "Citrix Suite Holder" signs. Suite Owners may also enter at BMW Lounge entrance next to the Sharks Store.

How does someone contact a Suite Hospitality Manager during an event?
Any suite guest can call 408-999-5900 or visit the Citrix Suite Concierge desk.

When are tickets available?
For Citrix Suite Owners that prefer hard tickets over online ticketing, tickets are shipped out at least two weeks before the first event of each month. Sharks commemorative tickets (preseason, regular season and playoffs) are distributed at the annual Suite Administrator's Luncheon in early September. For Suite Owners that share a suite, playoff tickets are provided once the split schedule is determined.

How early can I access my suite?  
Citrix Suite Owners can enter the suite as soon as doors open for any event. Typically for Sharks games, that is 1 hour and 15 minutes prior to game time. For most concerts and family shows, doors open 1 hour prior to show time. For a specific event, you may find more details here

How do I know if my suite is open for an event?
Suite Memos are sent out for each event scheduled at SAP Center. The suite memo will indicate any obstructed suites. If your suite is not listed, than you will have access to your suite for that event. Depending on the event and location of your suite, relocation tickets may be provided for shows where suites are obstructed. Click here for a list of Suite Memos.

How do I get tickets to my guests?
Online transferring is the easiest way to get tickets to your guests. Simply log into your SAP Center Account Manager and follow the steps to transfer a ticket. If you are unable to use online transferring, you can bring a printed ticket to the ThreatMetrix Ticket Office and place the ticket at Will Call. A Will Call envelope is available at the Ticket Office Window. Will Call opens 2 hours prior to any event.

What is a Suite Pass?
A suite pass is a pass to access a suite. Suite passes are issued to any guest that has in-arena tickets, but would like to access a suite. Only authorized suite administrators are allowed to request a suite pass and must do so prior to the event by calling Suite Hospitality at (408) 999-5900 or

What is a SRO?
A SRO is a ticket for standing room only. Citrix Suite Owners are able to purchase a limited amount of SROs for any event. Prices of SROs vary by event and pricing is provided on the Suite Memo.

Box Office Information 
Normal Box Office hours: 9:30 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Will Call hours: two hours before the doors open (must have photo ID)