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Sharks Foundation In-Game Auctions

At every home game during the Sharks regular season, the Foundation hosts an in-game auction at the Sharks Foundation Booth located outside Section 118 on the Concourse Level. Items up for auction can range from autographed jerseys and framed photos to unique and exclusive Sharks experiences. To participate in the auction, text 'SHARKS' to 52182 or visit

Proceeds from all in-game auctions benefit the Sharks Foundation

Mobile Auctions:
Mobile auctions occur at every Sharks home game when doors open and concludes at the end of the second intermission. In order to bid on an item, fans can text 'SHARKS' to 52182 or visit You will then be prompted to join the in-game mobile auction. At the end of the second intermission items will automatically close and winners will receive a text message confirming they are the winning bidder. You can pick-up your item at the Sharks Foundation booth (section 118) before the 10-minute mark of the third period or contact to arrange pick-up at a later time. With each in-game auction being mobile, you do not have to be present to participate.

Special Auctions:
Special auctions occur when limited-edition or one-of-a-kind items are up for bid. For these types of auctions, half of the items will be available using our blind bid format (see below) and half will be available using our mobile auction format (see above).
Blind Auction - Fans must fill out a blind bid form for the corresponding desired item, stating the amount they are willing to pay without seeing any other bids for that item. Each item has its own bid form and box - only forms fully completed and placed in the correct box will be eligible. The auction will close at the end of the SECOND INTERMISSION. The individual who stated the highest bid for an item will be deemed the winner. Winners will be posted at the Sharks Foundation Booth at the beginning of the THIRD PERIOD and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram within 48 hours. A Foundation staff member will collect payment for the item and the winner will take their item with them immediately. Each set of bid forms is sequentially numbered. In the event of a tie, the individual with the lowest number on their bid form (thus the earlier bid) will be deemed the winner. Please note, if you bid on multiple items, you are responsible for payment for all winning items.
Remote bids - In the case that a fan may not be in attendance at a game in which we have a special auction and they would like to place a blind bid on items available in that format, they have the opportunity to place a remote bid. Remote bids are accepted any time before the doors open on the day of the special auction. Email for the remote bid form - this form must be completed and returned via email before doors open.

Please note that all bids (remote and in-game) are binding. In the case of a single person winning multiple items, all bids submitted are binding and the bidder will be held to the total winning amount. You may not choose which items you would like to keep and which you would like to discard should you win multiple items. If you win multiple items, you are responsible for payment for each and every winning item. Please take this into consideration when placing multiple bids.