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Reading Is Cool Tracking and Reporting

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What do we track?
The Reading Is Cool program asks students, with the help of teachers and parents, to record the number of pages they read each month on their printable Student Reading Log or electronic Student Reading Log. Students can either log the entire number of pages when they have completed a book or, for longer books, they can log each time they read a part of the book. Please have your students record in whatever method works for your class.

What is the tracking schedule?
Students should begin tracking their reading on October 1st. At the end of each month, students and teachers should total their pages and teachers will report the class total online here.

To be considered for S.J. Sharkies Top Classrooms of the Month visits, the following deadlines apply:

Report - Due Date
October - November 1-7
November - December 1-7
December - January 1-7
January - February 1-7
MVP Reader - February 1-7
February - March 1-7
March - April 1-7
April - May 1-7

Why track number of pages instead of books?
Within grades the reading levels of students can be vastly different and some students may read many short books while others are reading a fewer number of longer books. Because we need a method for awarding S.J. Sharkie's Top Classrooms of the Month visits, we believe number of pages provides the greatest parity. 

What if my class uses a different method to track reading?
Reading Is Cool understands that each classroom is different and may use different methods to track student reading. Teachers are only required to track the number of pages their students read if they wish to be considered for S.J. Sharkie's Top Classrooms of the Month visits. Even if your class does not track number of pages, we still highly encourage you to submit your All-Star reader of the Month to be included on the website (simply input 0 for your pages read in the class) and your class will be considered for 1 of 7 Random Classroom visits each month. 

What exactly are the students allowed to track?
Students should track any pages they read at home or at school. Pages should only be counted once per month, even if students read a book more than once. Reading Is Cool believes in sharing the power of a book with others, therefore:

  • K-2nd Grade students may also count pages that are read to them by a teacher, parent, etc.
  • 3rd-5th Grade students may count pages from easier books that they read to a sibling or younger child.