PREDecessor is designed for boys and girls ages 4 to 12 years old, who can skate on their own and have already completed a Learn to Play course. This six-week session is $200. Participants may be directed to repeat PREDecessor until they are fully prepared to join the Youth Hockey League. Full hockey equipment is required.

Your child must have a valid USA Hockey membership to participate in PREDecessor.

Additional Info

Program Overview

The new PREDecessor format will change the way players move through the program and prepare them for the NPAHA Youth League. This reformat will change PREDecessor from a five-zone rotation to three zones based on players skill level and ability on the ice (Beginner - Advanced). Players will receive a performance review at the end of the session instructing them to move onto the next zone, repeat a zone, or move onto the next program.

Program Benefits

A development-first approach with varying on-ice abilities, PREDecessor allows us to focus on specifc skills, strengthen them and prepare the player for the next level in their hockey journey.

• Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, practices will be designed to challenge the player to the furthest of their ability.

• Allows us to properly move players into Youth League when coaches see fit.

• Players will be able to move with a group of similar skill set based off skill development and progress throughout the six weeks.

Upcoming Sessions


  • Session 5 (2/19 - 4/1)
  • Session 6 (4/8 - 5/20)


  • Session 5 (2/27 - 4/2)
  • Session 6 (4/9 - 5/21)
Preds Girls Hockey Session

This six-week skills clinic is open to girls ages 10 & Up and is a great next step for those who may have participated in the Learn to Play 10 & Up program! An hour of on-ice instruction will be provided each week for players to continue developing their hockey skills.

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