Figure Skating: Guest Coach Policy

As a private facility, the Scott Hamilton Skating Academy at Ford Ice Center reserves the right to approve or deny any guest coach who seeks the opportunity to coach/instruct at our facility. An allowance for guest coaches applies primarily to local competition weeks and/or test sessions as well as visiting coaches who are not on staff at Ford Ice Center/Scott Hamilton Skating Academy. However, some exceptions* and special circumstances may be granted by the Ford Ice Center/Scott Hamilton Skating Academy Figure Skating Manager.

Any coach, not affiliated with Ford Ice Center/Scott Hamilton Skating Academy, seeking the opportunity to guest coach/instruct within the Ford Ice Center, must contact the Figure Skating Manager at least seven (7) days in advance.

Guest Coach Policy: Additional Information

Upon approval and prior to their first ice session, a guest coach must stop at the Ford Ice Center Administration Office and submit:

  1. US Figure Skating registration card
  2. $35/day coaching fee

The guest coach will then receive a "Guest Coach" pass that is to be kept on their person as proof they are compliant with all guest coach policies. Once in the Ford Ice Center, the guest coach agrees to follow the Ford Ice Center Freestyle rules and regulations. Failure to comply will result in the loss of the guest coach privileges.

*The Guest Coach Protocol does not apply to coaches who are invited by Ford Ice Center/Scott Hamilton Skating Academy Figure Skating Management and Programming to work special skating camps, workshops and related special appearances.