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Fleury, Stone join forces to shoot Apple ad on iPhone 11 Pro

Golden Knights teammates used hockey tape to set up videos on ice

by Cristina Ledra @cledra / Staff Writer

This wasn't your typical commercial shoot, and Marc-Andre Fleury and Mark Stone wouldn't have wanted it any other way. 

The Vegas Golden Knights goalie and forward got to gear up and spend a day pulling stunts with an Apple iPhone 11 Pro and the finished product is 30 seconds of whimsical artistry on ice.

Shot on iPhone 11 Pro - Hockey Tape - Apple

"It was just fun to have Mark with me doing this so I wasn't by myself feeling the pressure to do a good job," Fleury said. "They gave us some props and told us to have fun and play with it so they weren't that direct in what they wanted us to do."

The purpose of the ad was to show that you don't need an expensive setup to create great video, and the duo used a lot of hockey tape to set up the various shots.

Fleury said his cartwheel was "not a 10" and that it needed some work, but he did get to live out a life-long dream of driving an ice resurfacing machine. 

"I always wanted to do that," he said. "I've been in rinks for so long and I never drove one. I had my full goalie gear on and drove around so that was cool."

They got to see their work as they completed takes, but were still stunned at the finished product.

"Seeing the finished quality, even though it was only shot on an iPhone, it's kind of mind boggling to me," Stone said. "Every time I see it, I'm like, there's no way they didn't photoshop this. It's crazy how accurate and impressive these cameras have gotten."

Fleury is somewhat of a TV commercial veteran, but this was Stone's first experience on a shoot and he said it's going to be tough to beat.

"I was kind of expecting it to be this cheesy, read off the lines thing, but I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to be myself and do some goofy things while we were doing it," Stone said. "I enjoyed every second of it. When eight hours goes by quick, that's when you know you're having a good time."

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