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Selling Your Seats on SeatExchange

Winnipeg Jets SeatExchange offers a safe, reliable and legitimate way for ticket holders to Sell any seats for games you are unable to attend. Primary Account Holders, as well as anyone who has received a Forwarded ticket, are eligible to Sell using Winnipeg Jets SeatExchange. Seats are sold at the individual game day Box Office price. The proceeds from that seat sale will be placed on your Winnipeg Jets Account. Season Seat Holders have two options for Seat Exchange credits: leave on account - for use towards a future invoice, have a cheque sent out - paid in the month following re-sale.

Once a seat is posted for Sale, the most recent barcode - whether on your Jets Pass or a Print-at-Home ticket - is deactivated for that game. New tickets and barcodes will be generated for the new ticket purchaser. If you choose to cancel a SeatExchange posting, the original barcode is reactivated. To cancel any seats posted for Sale, please follow the steps outlined below under Cancelling A SeatExchange Posting.

Click here to view SeatExchange FAQ's.


Once logged in, select the manage my tickets button. From the calendar screen that follows, choose the game you wish to Sell.


Click the Sell Tickets tab. Click the checkboxes at the bottom of the screen to select the seats you wish to Sell. If you are selecting seats from more than one game, click the manage more tickets button on the right side of the screen, and choose a new game. The total number of seats you selected is shown in the post for sale (X) button. When you have finished selecting seats, click post for sale (X) to continue.


You will see a summary of the purchase price of your tickets. Here you may choose to set an expiration date for your posting, allowing the seats to return to your account if they are not purchased. The default for any seats to return to your account is two hours prior to game time. Tickets cannot be posted for sale in the two hours prior to the desired game time.

You should receive an automatic email once your seats have been purchased, or if the seats have been returned to your account. If you have posted seats but not received the automatic email, it is recommended that you login to Winnipeg Jets Account Manager to verify the current status of your seats.

Cancelling a SeatExchange Posting

You can cancel a SeatExchange posting of seats as long as the seats have not been purchased.


Use the calendar page to find the game with the offer you wish to cancel. Click the transfer & resale button and click the cancel offer button.


After agreeing to the Terms of Use, click the cancel offer button to finish cancelling the pending ticket offer.

Managing Your Account
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